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Kids Talk About God

What Is God Like?? by Beverly Lewis      This is a very nice book for children, to help them understand what God is like.  My kids really enjoyed it!    Beverly Lewis gave a great explanation of many characteristics of God using a conversation between two children.  Their father had left for a long work trip, and they were discussing the fact that even though he was not there, God is always with them. As they go through their day, they talk about the things their dad taught them about God, such as: He is smart, powerful, loving, and kind.     I was impressed with the way the book portrays God as approachable, a Father who cares about things that happen in our daily lives. We can talk to him and have a personal relationship with Him.  Each page included a verse that went along with the characteristic described.  The illustrations by Pamela Querin were very well done, colorful, bright and appealing to young children.  I would most certainly reccommend this book to any parent, or teacher