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WildFlower - Review and Giveaway - Ended

Creatively gifted, college student Chloe Moray (portrayed by Nathalia Ramos, known for BRATZ,  Arrested Development ,  House of Anubis ) finds solace from a difficult childhood in her extraordinary art. But when an alarming dream begins to recur nightly, Chloe starts to believe that it might be a suppressed memory and that she may have witnessed a terrible crime as a little girl. Her search for peace takes her on a journey that forces Chloe to confront her past traumas and leads her to cross paths with Josh (Cody Longo, known for NOT TODAY,  Hollywood Heights , Nashville), a young man dealing with his own painful loss. Together they find in each other someone they can trust

Amon's Adventures - A Family Easter Story

Following in the footsteps of his widely popular Advent series--"Jotham's Journey," "Bartholomew's Passage," and "Tabitha's Travels"--well-known author Arnold Ytreeide presents a captivating story to take families through the season of Lent, culminating on Easter Sunday. Thirteen-year-old Amon, the son of Jotham and Tabitha, enjoys playing with his friends but is also ready to join his father in the temple court where only men are allowed. Eager to be considered a man, Amon struggles to divide his time betweenhis friends and his duties to family and faith. But when Jotham is falsely accused of a terrible crime, Amon willingly sacrifices his childhood ways in order to save his father's life. Along the way, he sees the jubilant crowds that gathered on Palm Sunday, outwits the Roman soldiers that planned to kill both his father and Jesus, hears the Messiah address the angry crowds, is present during the daring betrayal of Judas Iscariot,

My Intentional Mondays

Easter... Spring... Likely my favorite time of year. (although I like summer and fall too) When the world is coming alive after the dead of winter, just as the Savior came alive after his death! I am sooo thankful He did. Thankful that He loves me, thankful for His gifts. The kids and I dyed eggs a little differently this year. We used flowers and leaves to imprint them and then dyed them in tea bags and dandelions. It was interesting and they turned out really pretty. My son thought they would camouflage really well for an Easter egg hunt, but we didn't have one. The weather was not really that nice.

The Newsmakers by Lis Wiehl including a GIVEAWAY - Ended

TV reporter Erica Sparks has become a superstar overnight. Is it due to her hard work and talent, or is she at the center of a spiraling conspiracy? Erica Sparks is a beautiful and ambitious reporter who has just landed her dream job at Global News Network in New York. And while it was hard to leave Jenny, her cherished eight-year-old daughter, in the custody of her ex-husband, Erica is determined to succeed in the cutthroat world of big-time broadcasting. She can only hope her troubled past won’t come back to sabotage her dreams. Although the wounds from her divorce are still fresh, Erica can’t deny the chemistry between her and her new producer, the handsome and empathic Greg Underwood. But a relationship is the last thing she wants right now. On her very first assignment, Erica inadvertently witnesses—and films—a

Healing the Wounded Heart by Dan Allender

Find hope and healing in the wake of sexual abuse If you are one of the millions of people who have suffered abuse in the form of rape, incest, molestation, sexting, sexual bullying, unwanted advances, pornography, and more, you know that hope doesn't come easy and healing can seem impossible. Dan Allender has been there--and he's spent twenty-five years helping other victims of sexual abuse walk the path toward wholeness. Never minimizing the pain or offering pat spiritual answers that don't truly address the problem, Allender calls evil  evil  and lights the way to renewed joy, one step at a time.

The Confessions of X by Suzanne M. Wolfe

Before he became the sainted church father of Christianity, Augustine of Hippo began a love affair with a young woman whose name has been lost to history. They were together for over thirteen years, and she bore him a son. This is her story. She met Augustine in Carthage when she was just seventeen years old. She was the daughter of a tile-layer. He was a student and the heir to a fortune. They fell in love, despite her lower station and Augustine’s dreams of greatness. Their passion was strong, but the only position in his life that was available to her was as his concubine. When Augustine’s ambition and family compelled him to disown his relationship with the her, X was thrust into a devastating reality as she was torn from her son and sent away to her native Africa.

My Intentional Mondays

Spring is in full bloom. Beautiful trees blooming out with sweet smelling flowers and green is everywhere. Loving it! I have just been soaking up this amazing weather, the sun, the wind, the warmth. Clothes on the line - blowing in the breeze, dirt, flowers springing up everywhere. I hope you are too! I am also struggling to get used to this new time (you know the whole spring forward thing) Really?? What is the point of this again? I am a morning person, so honestly I don't care if it gets daylight at four am and then dark at seven. That would be fine with me. Do we have to keep messing with it? But I am sure for those who work a regular job that gets out at five or something, daylight savings probably helps them be able to get things done in the evenings.

BOOK Grabbr - Have you heard?

​BookGrabbr: A  great way for readers to discover new books and an innovative marketing tool for authors. ​For Readers: BookGrabbr is a social media-marketing tool that allows authors to share both full books and previews of their books with readers. Readers, you can have access to these books by signing in through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and using their ability to share as a form of currency. The “Share” is the payment! Share the book, and it will allow you to read it. Just click the “Grabb this book” button next to the book and our system will prompt you to share in exchange for reading! BookGrabbr contains books of many genres, so  visit today , "grabb" a book that catches your eye and start reading!

Synced by Jennifer Kennedy Dean Including a Giveaway

Are you living a synced life, connected to the heart of Jesus the same way He lived synced to the Father? Get ready to be challenged in Jennifer Kennedy Dean's new book, Synced . What was the secret to Jesus’ life of power? How do we see His life of power emanating from His life of prayer? How do we see Jesus walking in a flow of power as He found Himself in the right place at the right time with the right resources? See what the Scripture has to show us about living connected to the heart of Jesus, and hear from present-day believers who have experienced the power of living synced. Synced encourages you to emulate the way Jesus lived His life. With real-life stories of people walking closely with Jesus, finding themselves in the right place at the right time, readers are challenged to examine what staying in step with the Spirit looks like. National best-selling author and known prayer expert, Jennifer Kennedy Dean, uses the familiar passage of the

Yes, Dear, There Really is a Devil Chris Rader & Johnnie Coley

In a world full of science fiction entertainment and secular education, children need their caregivers to take a pro-active role in teaching the difference in reality and fantasy. You may have found yourself saying, Yes, Dear, There Really Is a Devil, but not knowing how to explain further. Are you looking for a way to teach the truth of God’s Word and equip your children for spiritual warfare? If so, join our young adventurers on a journey as they learn to avoid Satan and his snares with the protective Shield of Faith and the powerful Sword of the Spirit. With choices to make and battles to win, find out how

Charity's Cross by MaryLu Tyndall

Suspected of killing her husband, Charity Westcott flees on the first ship out of Portsmouth, England heading for the colonies. Loathing all men after her abusive marriage, she hopes to reunite with her family in Charles Towne, but she ends up in Nassau. When she spots her husband's brother, who is intent on seeing her hang, boarding her ship, she jumps overboard. Elias Dutton, pirate turned preacher and son of the famous pirate, Rowan Dutton, must get to Barbados as soon as possible. His sister is in danger, and his parents have charged him with her safety. He cannot let them down-again. But after rescuing a madcap woman from the bay, he now finds himself tricked into masquerading as her husband so they both can procure passage to Barbados. Pirates, storms, shipwreck and betrayal threaten to delay the couple in their journey even as sparks fly between them. With her brother-in-law in fast pursuit, the last thing Charity wants is help from a man, especially a religious one, b

Deadlock by DiAnn Mills

Two murders have rocked the city of Houston.   Are they the work of a serial killer, or is a copycat trying to get away with murder?  That is the question facing Special Agent Bethany Sanchez, who is eager for her new assignment in violent crimes but anxious about meeting her new partner.  Special Agent Thatcher Graves once arrested her brother, and he has a reputation for being a maverick. Plus, their investigative styles couldn’t be more opposite: he operates on instinct, while she goes by the book. When hot leads soon fizzle out, their differences threaten to leave them deadlocked. But an attempt on their lives turns up the heat and brings them closer together, and a third victim might yield the clue that will help them zero in on a killer.  This could be the case of their careers . . . if they can survive long enough to solve it.

Messed Up Men of the Bible by Tina and David Samples

Seeing the Men in Your Life Through God's Eyes From schlubby sitcom heroes to mommy blogs to online articles, there is a broad cultural perception that men constantly mess up and women must fight an uphill battle to fix them. Men are a burden, constant works-in-progress, pushed toward perfection but always falling short. This book asks a revolutionary question: What if these messed-up men are actually a mighty tool for God?  Tina and Dave Samples remind us that the Bible is filled with a cast of messed-up men : men who struggled and fell, and yet were used by God to accomplish His purposes. In fact, God has consistently chosen imperfect “clay pots” in which to place His light.  David was a poor father. Peter had problems with integrity. Moses had anger

My Intentional Mondays

Are you doing anything special for this season of Lent? Growing up it was not really traditional for us to participate in Lent. As I have gotten older, though, I think it is a wonderful way to really focus on what Jesus has done for us in the days leading up to Easter. The past few years, I have mostly done something on my own, a fast from a particular food or meal. This year, however, I found a book (not surprised are you?) that would include the kids in the Lent season. We began reading Amon's Adventures  about a week or two ago. I can't really remember how I came across it, but I was so excited to have a book similar to what we did at Christmas Advent for Easter. The kids were so "into" the Advent book, I had a feeling they would really like this one too. It has daily readings about a boy growing up in Jerusalem during the time leading up to Jesus' crucifixion. We are really enjoying it!! At the end of each day the story closes with a cliff hanger so you won

Blotch by Andy Addis

A Tale of Forgiveness and Grace Blotch is a boy who lives in a kingdom where everyone has blotches on their skin. Each time a person is mean or does something wrong, another spot appears. Hoping to find someone who knows how to get rid of the spots, Blotch strikes out on a journey. At the first village he meets the Hiders, who merely cover their spots. Next, the Pretenders simply deny they even have spots. A third village is full of the Blamers, who constantly fight and blame each other for their rapidly multiplying stains. Fearful and frustrated, Blotch finally meets a kind stranger who has the solution for removing the spots permanently. But an elated Blotch is shocked to find out that the humble stranger is actually the King, and the solution requires that the King take the spots on Himself—a sacrifice that will change Blotch

52 Prayers for My Grandchild by Steve and Annie Chapman

As a grandparent, you have a powerful impact on your grandchildren’s lives. And the most important pathway is prayer. Steve and Annie Chapman offer you these heartwarming stories and thoughtful prayers for inspiration.  You’ll read about… a bullied schoolboy who discovers home is a safe haven.   God, I pray my grandchildren will know love instead of hate, cheers instead of jeers, and mercy instead of judgment. a grandparent’s insights on helping grandkids honor their parents.   Heavenly Father, I pray You’ll open my grandchildren’s eyes to how their good behavior blesses others. a grandchild’s response when asked if she’d ripped a page from   The Little Engine That Could . “I think I did, I think I did, I think I did.”   Lord, thank You for laughter. I pray my grandchildren’s gladness will be found in You.