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Me - Common? No Way!

Hermie - A Common Caterpillar By Max Lucado My kids love Hermie books, DVDs, movies, and so do I. He has such practical life lessons for our kiddos to learn from.  Max Lucado has a great way of using common insects in a very uncommon way.  Hermie teaches our kids that God has created us anything but common. We are special to Him and He is not finished with us yet.  As you read through this book Hermie encounters numerous insects he would like to be like, and asks God over and over why he is such a common caterpillar.  But God continues to remind him  that He has big plans for his life, and isn't finished with him.  In the end, he finds out what God created him to be.  What a great way to illustrate to our children how God created them each differently for His own special purpose, and He isn't finished with them yet.  This book seems to be written in an easy to read style for younger readers. My children are still too young to read on this level, but it did not loo