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Zombies, Werewolves, Monsters and Mad Scientists...

Night of the Living Dead Christian: One Man S Ferociously Funny Quest to Discover What It Means to Be Truly Transformed by Matt Mikalatos Werewolves, Zombies, Vampires, a Night Watchman and a Mad Scientist... Certainly an interesting combination of characters. How does all this relate to the Christian life? Matt Mikalato's humorous book, The Night of the Living Dead Christian, portrays some serious issues in a humorous way. I am not exactly a fan of monster books, but was able to glean something from this book. In a sense we can all relate to some of these characters.Are you a vampire,taking things from others or using people; or a werewolf, struggling to deal with your anger; or a zombie, mindlessly following every one else's ideas? Only Jesus can truly transform a person from the inside out and change the way we act. Have you been transformed? If you like a good monster tale you will enjoy this book. It is packed with humor and adventure. It's A great allegory in rela

Trauma Plan by Candace Calvert - Review

Trauma Plan is  novel about a former ER nurse -Riley Hale - who is now an ER chaplain due to injuries sustained in an brutal attack on hospital grounds. She is working hard to regain her strength and abilities so she can once again practice ER nursing. She accepts an offer to work as a volunteer at a free medical clinic in a mostly up class neighborhood run by Dr. Jack Travis. Each character in the book has things in their past that affect or hinder their current situations. Things they have run from or would like to forget. Actions they are fighting to redeem. As Riley and Jack begin to "hit it off" tension over the clinic, neighbors are not too happy with its location   and the kind of people who   seem to be drawn to it,  and issues from his past surface threatening to put a glitch in their relationship.   My Opinion: This book was fun, exciting, and mysterious. The characters were interesting and I certainly wanted to keep reading. There is a bit of romance, a myster

Submerged by Dani Pettrey - Review

Bailey Craig must go back to Alaska after her dear Aunt Agnes dies in a plane crash. The last thing Bailey wants to do is come face to face with her past. She is much better at fleeing, running, or hiding. Although Christ is now her strength and she is a new creature in Him, she fails to see herself in a new light. She still lives in regrets of her past and trying to atone for her sins. Realizing her aunts death is not accidental, and getting involved against her wishes in a murder mystery, puts her working daily with her old flame Cole. Together they tackle the clues that keep coming up to help them solve the homicide in their small town. Will Bailey face her past and let God change her, or will she continue to run from what could be an amazing new life in Christ and with Cole? My opinion: This book kept me on the edge of my seat. You cannot exactly figure out the ending. The mysteries keep coming, and adding new drama to the story. It is intriguing and exciting!  It is also e

A Hero

Adam Brown's life made history. He was an amazing example of a man who overcame his past, loved God and his family and sacrificed for our freedom. This book is his story! A story of how he lived - FEARLESS! He was ready to meet his Creator. Adam did not think of himself as a hero, but to his family, friends and country he was, not only a hero, but much, much more. His testimony was outstanding. This is the story of an ordinary man, living in an extraordinary way. It tells the story of a fun loving country boy, who never broke a promise; to the downward spiral after high school that landed him in jail. Finding his faith and achieving his goal to become the best Navy Seal. His courage and bravery led to ultimate sacrifice. This book is a well written tale of Adam's life - A life that  needed  to be shared to  give   encouragement  to others. The author did a great job of portraying Adam - his commitment to family, God and country. He  wasn't  perfect but God used him an a

Heaven in Her Arms

"God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power of love and a sound mind."   II Tim. 4:7 Mary was there the day Jesus was born, and she was there the day he was crucified. Her story is deep and rich and has myriad lessons for any woman - mothers, daughters, sister, friends. Mary's story reveals a woman's heart is important to the Father. This book will touch your heart if you are facing fear and uncertainty, wondering about leaving your plans behind, feeling a need for community and support of other women, or wanting to deepen your life  of  faith. Imagine what it must have been like to be Mary, walk in her shoes and learn from her. I found this book helpful, encouraging, and and open in addressing problems many women face. This quote stood out with me: "Fear surfaces when we recognize that life may not go as we planned." I am sure Mary's life did not go as she had planned it. In-spite of the change in plans she learned to trust God. 

I Could Definitely Relate To This Book

The Scarlet Thread is the journey of two women through very difficult times. Women are more emotional creatures, and tend to take things very personally. Sometimes choices are made based on feelings instead of facts. Many times our feelings and emotions can hinder our relationships. Sierra, a modern day woman, has to leave her hometown, family, and friends to move to a new location because of her husbands need for adventure and desire to improve their lives. She is not prepared to make the move and has to deal with bitterness, resentment, and anger. During the course of the next few years things to not always go well for them. As she reads through her ancestor, Mary Katherine's diary, she discovers that life is similar for everyone. Event though they are years apart and in totally different scenarios, they still relate to life in similar ways. In the end, what really matters is that God is at work drawing all people to himself. She discovers peace with God and the change in her l

Tyndale Summer Reading = Free Books

Tyndale is offering FREE books this summer through their summer reading program. The offer is good for adults and children. Here’s what the Tyndale Summer Reading Program will get you: - For every 5 books you read and submit proof that you shared about them, you’ll receive a free book of your choice from the summer reading list. The top 3 readers at the end of the summer will win a $50 gift card towards books. Everyone who earns at least one point will be entered to win a free e-reader! Plus we will introduce more great opportunities throughout the summer including milestone awards and reading challenges. Join the Summer Reading Program today! Participate by providing us with some of your information. Program will run June 1st through August 31st 2012. It is not necessary to have a blog. You can just post your reviews on one of their online retailer websites. The children can read 3 of their books to get a free one.  Purchasing the books is not a requirement either, jus

A Very Controversial Issue

I picked up this book at my public library, and read it for Tyndale's summer reading program. It just took a couple of days. Given the time, it probably would not have taken me more than one. It was one of those that just keeps you hooked! Francine Rivers did such a great job portraying the big issue of abortion in this book. The main character, Dinah, a godly young lady, who is serving the Lord has the unexpected happen to her. You know the "why do bad things happen to good people" ordeal?  Her "perfect" life is shattered by rape and the consequences multiplied by an unwanted pregnancy which now brings the question, "What to do with this child?". Her life as she knows it is over, unless she does what everyone else seems to think she should do, gets an abortion. That would solve it all. No bad reputation, no ruined life, no reminders of the bad thing that happened to her, as far as those around her it seems to be the perfect solution.... but what abo

Mercy, Grace or Justice... Which would YOU choose?

Bees in the Butterfly Garden is a great story about a Meg, a girl who was raised at a boarding school for ladies. She was taught all the rules of society, proper behavior, and good manners. She was brought up with the rich and elite.  But sadly she never really had a chance to get to know either of her parents.  Her father paid for her to stay at school, but was never involved with her in a personal way.   After her father's death, she finally discovers the reasons behind his aloofness. And although she never felt loved, his closest companions claimed the reason he stayed away was because he loved her so much.  Meg can hardly understand this; and after discovering her fathers true life vocation decides that after all she is her father's daughter. She sets out to prove that she is quite as capable as he is of becoming a talented thief. Ian, her fathers companion tries to discourage her; but in the end due to circumstances decides to join her instead. They make a good team, ev

What is Freedom Worth?

Although biographies are not usually my first pick,  I really enjoyed reading this book. On June 4, 1989, Chinese soldiers gunned down untold hundreds of nonviolent civilian protesters in the streets of Beijing—an event that shocked the world. Chai Ling, commander-in-chief of the student protesters in Tiananmen Square, tells her dramatic story in  A Heart for Freedom —a journey that took her from ordinary graduate student, to protest leader, to escaped fugitive, to successful entrepreneur. Today Chai Ling has a passion for God and a new mission in mind: fighting for the lives and rights of young girls in China. In this book Chai Ling tells her story about participating in a student attempt to promote a change for democracy in China. What began peacefully eventually ended in bloodshed and Chai Ling became one of China's most wanted fugitives. Her story of the Tiananmen Square is compelling, exciting and will keep you reading. From beginning to end, her struggles, trials, fin