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Blessed and Loved

I recently received an amazing collection to review from Dayspring Inspired Deals. The Blessed and Loved Collection It includes a journal, tea cup, and a perpetual calender, and a matching gift bag. Click on picture to view themed collections I really enjoy participating in the Inspired Deals Review program. Dayspring has the best products if you are looking for Christian collection to bless someone with or just have in your own home. I love hot tea, and journaling in one of my favorite things to do, so this collection was perfect for me. I love the journal because each page has a verse and lines to write. It is a soft hard back with Blessed and Loved on the front.  The tea cup is beautiful, a great reminder that I am loved. It also has a saucer/lid or tea bag holder. It is microwave and dishwasher safe.  The calendar, a great daily reminder of God's love. And I love that it comes with the matching gift bag that ties it all together when you give it as a gift, What a great way

Amazing Story of Triumph Over Grief

"Into each life rain will fall, but there is something redeeming in the rain. It hides beauty that can only emerge after the storm has passed. As light enters each drop of rain it splits the grey and transforms it into the colors of the rainbow." - Gina Sphen This book is an amazing story of love, courage, faith, endurance, and new beginnings. It is a story of triumph over grief and loss. Michael and Gina both lose their spouses to cancer, but over time, because of the common ground they share, they reach out to each other for support. In this book, they each tell their personal story about their spouses battle with cancer and the events that drew them to each other. As you read this book, you will share in their emotions: sadness, fear, hope, joy and much more. You feel as if you are journeying through the circumstances with them. Thankfully, instead of basking in their grief, they allow God to heal their hearts and bring new found peace and a new family together. This boo

101 Bible Adventures - Great Kids Devotional

We try our best to have family devotions daily, so I am occasionally on the lookout for new books and material to use with my kids. Tyndale Publishers had this book available on their blogger review program I participate in, and I have received a free copy for the purpose of reviewing it. I am under no obligation to give a positive review, but am definitely going to, since our family has really enjoyed this book as part of our Bible study time. It includes select stories and characters out of the Bible beginning in Genesis through Revelation. Each adventure has a passage of Scripture included, also a key verse, and a brief life lesson relating to the read Scripture. There are also a few eye catching pictures to make it a little more exciting for kids. My children are a little too young to read this on their own, but as they get older I am sure they will enjoy using it for their personal time with God.  This book is definitely suitable for family devotions and personal devotions for ol

Mi Vida Loca

PLEASE, BEAR WITH ME ...    It seems like since the end of last year things have been quite topsy-turvy in my life.  First, various members of the family were sick, then as of about a month ago, we have had company in and out for extended periods of time. Needless to say all this has kept me a bit out of sinc and a little off schedule.  In spite of my enjoyment for blogging, my "spare" time seems to be spent catching up with daily chores, and other responsibilities that are of higher priority. As you can probably tell, I am getting a little behind on my posting my reviews. Here are some books I am either reading or have finished and will hopefully SOON be able to post my reviews: Elizabeth Avery is a stunningly beautiful woman. But her perfectly managed exterior hides the ice cold heart of a killer. She ingeniously manipulates everyone who crosses her path to do exactly as she wishes--from crime reporter Cassidy Shaw, who thinks Elizabeth is her new best friend, to a shy you