Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If Walls Could Talk

I totally enjoyed reading this book! 
Bailee Cooper is haunted by memories from her past.  When her father calls a surprise family meeting at their summer childhood home, she has to confront her past and the many secrets her family has kept.  During the days she is there, many unknown things about their family come to life.  She and her sisters have to deal with not only these new revelations, but also the fact that her father has finally changed his life and no longer seems to be the person they knew growing up.  Bailee has felt estranged from God ever since her mother died when Bailee was twelve.  She has had no desire to have a relationship with Him.  But now, she has to decide whether she is willing to give God a chance to change her and help her heal the scars from her past or continue to attempt to do this on her own.
Her boss and co-worker, Mark Delahunt is a very strong man of faith. And although he cares deeply about Bailee, refuses to pursue a relationship with a woman who does not have a relationship with God.  I thought this part was really good especially emphasizing the importance of not being unequally yoked with unbelievers in marriage.
I would certainly recommend this book. 
You can purchase this book on Amazon or ChristianBookDistributors.
*I am grateful to Bethany House Publishers for providing this free copy for my honest review.*

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