Friday, December 9, 2011

Does Gender Matter to God?

In today's society of male and female gender "equality", how do we, as parents, raise godly children secure in their God given gender? Did God create us "equal" or did he create genders for a purpose?
This book is a great tool in educating parents on how to bring up secure daughters and confident sons.

By divine design God created male and female.   He had and still has a purpose and a plan for each gender. This book covers subjects such as what makes a good man/ woman. How they accentuate each other. It talks about what boys and girls need most. How the roles of both fathers and mothers are important in the lives of both genders, sons and daughters.
In today's society of one parent families, and even the trend of acceptance of same parent families, how do we instruct our children on the importance of God given design. God created them special, including their gender. In today's society our children are being confused by the lack or morality and values, and the importance place on "equality". 

I am excited to have this book as an addition to my home library, especially with two young children at home and a maturing teenager. My desire is for them to see themselves through God's eyes. How He has designed them for a unique purpose, and so they can grow up accepting who they are and one day, if they find the mate God has for them, they can also play the role God intended for their part in developing a godly family life.

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