Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Four Women...A Century... and A Connection

"The story of four lovable women, miraculously bound by one gown, whose lives span a century... will take your breath away."  ~Beth Webb Hart
This is a great book. A very intriguing account of various women's lives, and how they are interwoven because of a dress.
Charlotte is a bridal boutique owner and finally preparing for her own wedding, but should she be? For some reason she cannot seem to find the perfect dress or even be at peace as to whether she should marry Tim. She finds a vintage dress at an estate sale and curiosity gets the best of her. She delves into a search for the history of the dress's previous  owners. Through it she learns a lot about courage, faith, redemption, and timeless true love. Sometimes we just have to take a step of faith and go with our gut. You will not want to put this down until you find out the story behind the dress.
I like what the author Rachel Hauck says about the wedding dress. She compares it to the Gospel of Jesus. It is for everyone, without alterations, and never goes our of style, no matter what your background, culture or need is. Jesus is the the way the truth and the life. He is the answer to every one's questions. You can visit her website HERE.

You can also purchase this book on Amazon.

*I received this book from the Book Sneeze blogger program by Thomas Nelson Publishers for the purpose of my review. And am not required to give a positive review.*

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