Friday, March 30, 2012

March Memoirs from Cladach

This week we are featuring the last two books from Cladach for the month of March. These are two very different books, except that they both touch on the Middle East. And both stories tell what happened when the author walked the path of obedience to God. They both describe a life that is transformed by the presence and power of Christ.

Come with John and Judy Pex as they hike the 600-mile Israel National Trail from the Egyptian to the Lebanese borders. During 42 days of trekking through spectacular scenery, Arab towns and villages, past Jewish, Muslim, Druze, and Christian holy sites, they discover: + Sights seldom seen by tourists + Physical challenges and spiritual tests + Cultural encounters and historical insights + Lessons about peace, faith, and endurance. This book will appeal to: 1) Students of the Bible 2) Middle-agers who want vigorous role models and new challenges 3) Christian believers seeking creative ways to test and share their faith 4) Young adults pursuing the great hiking trails of the world 5) Readers interested in Israel. Illustrated with (color) photos of scenes and people from the Trail.

About the Author:
In their fifties, Judith and John Pex, who run a hostel in Israel, felt the need for renewal and decided to walk the 600-mile Israel National Trail. In WALK THE LAND, Judith shares what they discovered about God, themselves, and the history and people of Israel, and how their love for the land opened doors to share their faith in Yeshuah (Jesus).

By the time Jake was nineteen he was feeding an insatiable lust that was looking for opportunities to act out. He found those opportunities in Mediterranean ports while serving as an aviation ordnanceman aboard the Naval aircraft carrier, USS America. At a time when the Gulf War was unfolding, Jake should have been totally committed to God and country. However, the seedy world of pornography and prostitution sabotaged his Christian life and made his commitment to the Navy a low priority. Even later, as a church-going civilian, his sins came back to haunt him. The author doesn't pull any punches in this hard-hitting story that takes the reader from the Persian Gulf War zone and the gritty underworld of prostitution to the glorious rapture of God's saving, delivering grace.

About the Author:
The life experiences of Jake Porter include being shot at a bank ATM, while working as an armored-vehicle driver; serving in the U.S. Navy during Desert Storm; and living in California, Montana, and Arizona, where he now resides with his wife. They have two young adult children, just leaving the nest.
Interview with Jake Porter :

STORM TOSSED deals with a sensitive topic. Why is your story and message needed today?
The content of this book is an honest account of my personal struggle with pornography and sexual addiction. Lust is a sin most Christian men battle against, but it is the one area in our lives we don't want to discuss. For the most part, the church and its leaders are silent on the topic. It's too dirty and too uncomfortable to address for most of us; but shying away from it isn't going to help us defeat this powerful weapon of Satan. STORM TOSSED doesn't pull any punches by tiptoeing around the subject matter.

What hope is there?When I cried out to God for help, He answered me. My story offers no guarantee of how to overcome sexual addiction, but it does candidly discuss what worked for me. Unless we men arefree from this disabling sin, we can never be the husbands and fathers God has called us to be.

The Amazon Kindle version is FREE March 29 - April 2 here.
*I received both of these books from Cladach as part of the Memoirs in March Blog Tour. I am not required to give a positive review.*

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