Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You Are Already Amazing

My featured AMAZING woman of the week is my friend and mentor Becky.
 Although we have known each other for a while, God has just recently brought us together on a deeper level of friendship. It is amazing how God knows exactly what and who you need. His timing is always perfect for his gifts. She, to me, is the perfect example of the Proverbs 31 woman. Perfect!? - Of course not, but God doesn't call us to be perfect, He just calls us to use our gifts and talents for His glory. And she is doing that.

Why do I think she is amazing??
  • loves the Lord first of all
  • loves her husband and her children
  • loves others
  • is supportive, encouraging and gives counsel not based on how she feels but on the truth of God's word
  • has a heart for the needy and disabled
  • manages her home well
  • educates her children
  • is a great friend
  • loves children especially Chinese ones : )
  • shares my love for blogging

I could say so many more wonderful things about her. But it would make for an awful long post and I am sure you get the picture by now.

A not-so-silly picture of us
Becky blogs here at On the Wings of Morning.  She raised 4 children, is a grandmother (of 17) and her and her husband now have five adopted little Chinese princesses. She homeschools, has a yahoo group for mothers who have adopted and homeschool their children. And does so much more behind the scenes.  She is truly an inspiration to me.  She inspires me to be a keeper of my home, to love my family, to serve others, to educate my children well and be creative doing it.  Above all to live the life that God gave me and use my abilities for Him. 

Thank you my friend for all you do for me and others!
I love you! and am so thankful to God for putting you in my life! 
"Stolen" from her blog!


  1. I am for once....speechless. Thank you Amy. I love you dearly.

    1. And I my friend LOVE YOU! You laugh with me, and make me laugh, you cry with me, listen to my heart. Love me for who I am, not who I will be or could be. You encourage me and lift my spirits. You are a friend to be treasured!


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