Thursday, June 21, 2012

Battle Awareness

If you are a Christian Woman, this book is for YOU!
Lately in Sunday School and at home I have been studying a little more about spiritual warfare. A battle in the heavens, forces of evil, strongholds...  It is amazing how much this applies to our every day life, and yet we seem to be a bit oblivious to it.  As we go about our day to day lives as women, taking care of our children, doing laundry, working, running carpools to games and other activities, how could this apply to us? 
Mary DeMuth brings balance and insight to the often murky realm of spiritual warfare. She helps us women embrace the abundant life God has for us, and helps us find our voice. Spiritual warfare is not about cowering from the Devil. It is about being aware of the war going on around us and finding freedom and beauty in the midst of devastation.  It's about the power of God to heal our hearts, move mountains and intercede when we are weary. It's about TRUTH!

Here are a few things she mentions in her book that really stuck with me:
"Jesus doesn't call us to a life of little faith, but of adventurous day-by-day faith, full of courage."
"Let's become so passionately consumed with Jesus-His life, death and resurrection- that Satan is but a fleeting thought."

Mary explains our story, Satan's story... She talks about prayer, truth, idols, fear, our minds, and sooo much more. The book is full of help on fighting the battles in our minds, the lies of the Devil and our victory in Jesus.  I really enjoyed this book and plan to read it over. I know personally for me, I need to know this "stuff".  I want victory, abundant life in Christ, and to know how to fight for my loved ones through prayer. I hope you will consider getting and reading this wonderful book.

Over here at JOYFUL MOTHERING in the fall Christin will be hosting a study on this book. I hope you will get your copy and join when the time comes. (I will try to update in the fall)  I am excited to see what she has to say and what other women that have read this book have learned.  I know that I, myself, have learned some incredible things and am so excited about it! It is time we take spiritual warfare seriously and get down to the business of being aware and fighting our enemy!

*I received this book from Harvest House Publishers for the purpose of my review. All opinions are my own.*

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