Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Hero

Adam Brown's life made history. He was an amazing example of a man who overcame his past, loved God and his family and sacrificed for our freedom. This book is his story! A story of how he lived - FEARLESS! He was ready to meet his Creator. Adam did not think of himself as a hero, but to his family, friends and country he was, not only a hero, but much, much more. His testimony was outstanding. This is the story of an ordinary man, living in an extraordinary way. It tells the story of a fun loving country boy, who never broke a promise; to the downward spiral after high school that landed him in jail. Finding his faith and achieving his goal to become the best Navy Seal. His courage and bravery led to ultimate sacrifice.

This book is a well written tale of Adam's life - A life that needed to be shared to give encouragement to others. The author did a great job of portraying Adam - his commitment to family, God and country. He wasn't perfect but God used him an a mighty way.  His life will continue to touch others. When you read this book you will laugh, cry, and feel a part of this family. It is truly an amazing read! Great book to share with anyone who may be in the military or know someone who is serving our country. 

*I received this book from Blogging for Books program for the purpose of my review.*

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