Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mercy, Grace or Justice... Which would YOU choose?

Bees in the Butterfly Garden is a great story about a Meg, a girl who was raised at a boarding school for ladies. She was taught all the rules of society, proper behavior, and good manners. She was brought up with the rich and elite.  But sadly she never really had a chance to get to know either of her parents.  Her father paid for her to stay at school, but was never involved with her in a personal way.  After her father's death, she finally discovers the reasons behind his aloofness. And although she never felt loved, his closest companions claimed the reason he stayed away was because he loved her so much.  Meg can hardly understand this; and after discovering her fathers true life vocation decides that after all she is her father's daughter. She sets out to prove that she is quite as capable as he is of becoming a talented thief. Ian, her fathers companion tries to discourage her; but in the end due to circumstances decides to join her instead. They make a good team, even with a little interference from Kate her father's fiance, and set out to plunder the richest family on Fifth Avenue.  Little does Meg know, God is also at work in all this, and His plan is not in line with hers. 

The plot was such a great way to portray how Jesus loves us and the amazing grace He showed us. And how that can be revealed through us when we allow him to work. It was certainly worth reading it.  I would definitely recommend it to others.  One thing I took from this book was a practice the Pemberton family had of addressing a person who had broken the rules or done something to hurt another person.  They reminded each other that revenge was not an option as a child of God, but they did have the options of grace, mercy and justice. The persons on the receiving end of the injustice could chose between fair justice, showing mercy, or going above and beyond and showing grace to the undeserving perpetrator. I intend to use that myself with my children!
*I received this book from Tyndale Publishers blogging program, and am not required to give a positive review.*

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