Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Could Definitely Relate To This Book

The Scarlet Thread is the journey of two women through very difficult times.
Women are more emotional creatures, and tend to take things very personally. Sometimes choices are made based on feelings instead of facts. Many times our feelings and emotions can hinder our relationships. Sierra, a modern day woman, has to leave her hometown, family, and friends to move to a new location because of her husbands need for adventure and desire to improve their lives. She is not prepared to make the move and has to deal with bitterness, resentment, and anger. During the course of the next few years things to not always go well for them. As she reads through her ancestor, Mary Katherine's diary, she discovers that life is similar for everyone. Event though they are years apart and in totally different scenarios, they still relate to life in similar ways. In the end, what really matters is that God is at work drawing all people to himself. She discovers peace with God and the change in her life is amazing.

For me the Scarlet Thread made sense. I could certainly relate to Sierra, her feelings about moving across country away from family and the life that they had established in her home town. I could also relate to her husband's need for adventure, feeling like he needed to better provide for his family and follow his dreams. I don't think it is always easy for a wife to follow her husband. And many times it takes lots of work on our attitudes when we are faced with those kind of decisions. In light of the fact that Sierra didn't appear to be a Christian at the time, or at least had not had a personal relationship with God, it is even more understandable that she would feel the way she did. I think the author portrayed things that many people go through in their marriages, although most would not want to admit it. We all have ups and downs, times of neglect, or getting our priorities twisted. I appreciated the fact that she did not cast all the blame  on the husband or the wife, but it was shown more as a joint lack of prioritizing each other. The ending certainly made it worth the read! I would read it again, and recommend it to others.

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