Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trauma Plan by Candace Calvert - Review

Trauma Plan is  novel about a former ER nurse -Riley Hale - who is now an ER chaplain due to injuries sustained in an brutal attack on hospital grounds. She is working hard to regain her strength and abilities so she can once again practice ER nursing. She accepts an offer to work as a volunteer at a free medical clinic in a mostly up class neighborhood run by Dr. Jack Travis. Each character in the book has things in their past that affect or hinder their current situations. Things they have run from or would like to forget. Actions they are fighting to redeem. As Riley and Jack begin to "hit it off" tension over the clinic,neighbors are not too happy with its location and the kind of people who seem to be drawn to it, and issues from his past surface threatening to put a glitch in their relationship.  

My Opinion:
This book was fun, exciting, and mysterious. The characters were interesting and I certainly wanted to keep reading. There is a bit of romance, a mystery, and love for God. It was a great example of how God uses circumstances to work in the lives of people; how His plan is wonderful and we need to trust Him with the outcome in our lives even when it looks hopeless. I had never read this author before but was very impressed with her style and books. It was easy to read, and kept my attention. I love books that I just DON'T want to put down. Definitely a good book! 

*I received this book from Tyndale Blogging for the purpose of my review*

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