Wednesday, August 15, 2012

YOU Need JESUS... Just Sayin'

People need Jesus! Neighbors, Friends, Co-workers, Students.... Everywhere we look there are those who are searching for answers. What can we offer?? The only answer to every problem any one has ever had.
School is getting back in gear.  What better way to equip our children to share Jesus with their friends than to supply them with useful, attention getting, question asking, school supplies.  Dayspring has the most amazing collection of school supplies available as witnessing tools. 
I received the 
collection of binders, composition notebooks, folders, and spiral notebooks from Dayspring for review. I requested the blue and gold collection because those are the local school colors. My children are home schooled, but I want them to reach out to help others find Jesus.  I shared my collection with some new young girls who have recently moved here and started coming to church.  I do pray doing so will not only be an encouragement to them to share their faith, but also an opportunity to invite others to church.
I also received the very cutest U-NEEK critter! It was positively cuddly and adorable. For a young girl on her first day of school what a great reminder of who she is in Jesus and being confident  in who He created her to be.

Dayspring also has a great collection of cards. These are great for encouraging your child during the school year. Or possibly them sharing with a friend in their class that they would like to show kindness to. I am sending mine to my nieces to let them know I love them and am praying for them as they begin their new school year.
I hope you will look up this collection of school products. This month at Dayspring they are Buy 2 Get 1 free and I believe there is even some free shipping if you purchase $25.  School supplies can be purchased any where but these are unique enough to get some attention and give your child a wonderful opportunity to share their faith.  In a country where our freedom of faith and a decline in Christianity portrayed in schools, every opportunity possible should be taken advantage of.   These kids NEED JESUS!!  

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  1. How adorable! I'm sure the young girls you shared them with appreciated your gift! What a great way to welcome them to your community!


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