Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Book Giveaway!!

Guardian of the Flame
By Tracy Higley
If you enjoy history, you will enjoy this novel.

Alexandria, 48 BC. Sophia has spent nearly twenty years as the keeper of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, alone in her task and in her heart. But when the wealthy capital of Egypt is invaded by Julius Caesar and his Roman legion, Sophia’s peace is shattered and her lighthouse invaded.

The Roman general would steal both her country and its queen, the Greek Cleopatra, and when his military strategy endangers the city’s best scholars and their secret invention, Sophia must discover a way to protect the men.
But as the city prepares for inevitable war, Sophia finds that the Roman centurion tasked with invading her lighthouse is also invading her heart.
Now Sophia must do whatever it takes to keep him out- even if it costs her everything.

Is your curiosity peeked? You can enjoy the first 3 chapters HERE
A lifelong interest in history and mythology has led Tracy to extensive research into ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome, and shaped her desire to shine the light of the gospel into the cultures of the past.

She has traveled through Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Italy to research her novels, and looks forward to more travel as her writing continues. Click on the link Tracy’s Travels, to explore some of the fascinating locations of her books.
 You can visit Tracy's website  to find out much more about this talented author and all her books.

A BIG Thank You to Higley Enterprises for donating a copy of this for giveaway purposes.
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  1. I'm fascinated about history, I love native american history

  2. I enjoy all history but would have to say the pioneer days, frontier life have fascinated me most.
    ruthcox at abitosunshine dot net

  3. My favorite part of history is the pioneer days. It just really intrigues me how they lived off the land.

  4. I find the history of the US to be very interesting.

  5. I LOVE history! I love learning about how people lived before I was born.

  6. I am a history buff - any kind but here lately I have been caught in the history of the bible. Anything historical backed up by archaeological findings and artifacts and my nose is in it!

  7. I can't say I'm a big history fan, but as I am now teaching my own children, I am learning so much more than I ever remember and enjoying all of it this time around.

  8. I already have this book but thanks for the invite over. HOpe you have a wonderful week! :O)


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