Friday, September 14, 2012

Do Our Teens Know REAL Courage?

"You have withing you the capacity for something God-sized,
Something so big that God is glorified through your life."
In a world full of peer pressure and teens who are doing anything just to fit in, this book is a call for our teens to live courageously by faith, instead of succumbing to the world.  They are called to be separate and stand out; to follow the examples of Biblical heroes. Rather than attempting to copy the celebrities of our day whose God is this world.
Some examples the author gave were:
  • Daniel-  a teen in a foreign culture who took a stand for his faith and refused to compromise his beliefs no matter what the cost.
  • Esther-  also a teen in a worldly culture, surrounded by people who did not share her faith and unequally yoked, yet she took a stand for God's people.
The author addresses:
  • Courageous Faith
  • Courageous Leadership
  • Courageous Priorities
  • Courageous Influence
Then concludes with a challenge for teens. We Need You!

"Anyone can believe God once he has all the facts, but courageous faith obeys regardless of the situation."

As a mother of a teenager myself I understand how magnetic the pull of the world can be on our teens - To have and to be something... Sometimes the church doesn't seem to have the same effect. But when our teens get a hold of God with a faith of their own, God can use them in mighty ways to make a difference. It takes courage to live for Him in this world, but the impact it could make and the future rewards are unimaginable. This is certainly a book I am going to request my daughter take time to read, and would encourage any teen, youth minister, or parent to do the same. Challenge your teens to be all they can be for God!

This book is from the creators of FIREPROOF and COURAGEOUS (the movie)
You can purchase through LIFEWAY or AMAZON

*I received it from Handlebar for the purpose of my review, and am not required to make a positive review.*

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  1. This is such a positive message our teens (and us to) need to hear! We def need to learn how to be courageous!


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