Saturday, September 29, 2012

Does Living a Simple Life Seem Attractive?

Are you tired of life - over committed and overwhelmed? Julie Charlton is at the breaking point. She knows she should feel blessed as a mother and wife - but she just feels exhausted. And then,the miraculous happens. Her sister-in-law Susan, a Martha Stewart-in-training, lands the chance to participate in a reality TV series about trying to live like the Amish and needs another family to join her. It's just the break Julie needs.  But the summer adventure in simple living soon proves anything but simple. With the camera watching every move, Susan's drive for perfection feels a lot like what they left behind, while Julie suddenly finds herself needing to stand up for slowing down. Whether it''s cooking, cleaning or dressing differently, each new Amish challenge raises new complications... and soon each woman learns unexpected lessons about herself and her family.

This is a very thought provoking fictional story. It is easy to be sick of our lives, tired of the monotony of the daily grind, overwhelmed and frustrated? No matter what situation God has allowed in our lives, there are lessons to be learned about living more simply. We all need to be more thankful for the blessing God bestows, whether they seem small or abundant. Sometimes we just need to enjoy life - in the moment. Drop the need to be perfectionist, slow down, and smell the roses. We even discover we have "hidden" talents we can use for God's glory.  I would definitely recommend this book.

Kathryn Cushman is wife, mom, avid reader and writer. To find out more about her you can visit her website HERE.

This book is available on Amazon or other online retailers.

*I received this book from Bethany House for the purpose of my honest review. All opinions are my own.*


  1. Great review and I love the idea of this book. Hope you have a great week! :O)

  2. I have looked at this book before, I think it looks very good. I do believe we get too busy. A simnple life sounds perfect~


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