Friday, September 21, 2012

When Love Comes My Way by Lori Copeland - Review

Tess Wakefield seems to be a bit of a spoiled Philadelphian "brat", but is she really? That would depend on whose eyes you are seeing her through. Jake Lannigan is the head-honcho of her grandfather's timber business in Michigan. After her grandfather's death, Tess, who knows nothing about running a logging business, is determined to sell her inheritance to the greedy competitor Sven Templeton. A freak accident on her way to close the deal at the timber camp, leaves Tess with a temporary case of amnesia. Stranded in the camp, where everyone assumes she is the new school teacher, Tess has no choice but to play  the part. The only person who thinks different is Jake Lannigan, but he is keeping his mouth shut for now. Opposites attract and slowly Jake and Tess are acknowledging there is more to their relationship, but what will happen when/if Tess regains her memory?

This fiction is your standard fun-loving romance, in which you can pretty much predict the ending. But I really enjoyed reading it. It was relaxing and humorous. Jake and Tess are constantly "at it" with each other, and she can certainly stir up a group of women. A quick read, light-hearted adventure.

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Lori Copeland is a bestselling author of over 90 books.
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*I received this book from Harvest House to review. All opinions are my own.*

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