Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pirates... Cannibals... Mystery and Excitement!

If you want fun, exciting, adventurous books for your kids, Focus on the Family Imagination Station books are IT!
I read Battle for Cannibal Island to my kids on a long car trip we took.  They were so caught up in the story, they did not want to quit reading! It took up about an hour and a half to two hours of our trip. I had to stop occasionally to get a drink, and they kept saying "Read more!"

Patrick is having a bad day. When Patrick and Beth accidentally take a trip in the imagination station to Fiji in the 1850's, Patrick's day doesn't get much better. They end up as stowaways on a ship right off the coast of an island of cannibals, who have just burned down the Christian village. Patrick, gets knocked over board, and has to fend off escaped convicts, a horrible storm, and worst of all the cannibal king. Beth follows the missionary James Calvert to the island in the rescue boat to search for Patrick. Are they heading right into danger or will their mission be successful? What does Patrick learn from all of this?

In the Escape to the Hiding Place WWII has come to Holland and so have Patrick and Beth. Patrick and Beth are on a mission to save a Jewish baby. With Germans everywhere and their options running out, what will they do? No matter where they turn they are not really safe. This book helps us understand that we cannot always escape, but that no matter what our circumstances, God is always with us.

I received both of these books to review from the Tyndale Blog Network. These books are wonderful for kids, and to help teach values and build character in their lives. Not only do these stories have adventure, but also facts about true stories like the missionary John Calvert and infomation on the Nazi's and WWII. Great educational material.

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  1. My kids love this series of books. They are a fun read. :O)


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