Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Can We Learn Lessons from our Pets?

Spending time in this book with Gayle and her dog, Sage, will help you listen more closely to what Creator God may be saying to you through your experience of the world around you.

Gayle shares stories of her life with Sage, then draws out principles from the stories and from scriptures that apply to our daily lives. Chapter titles include: Patience, Wisdom, Obedience, Forgiveness, Purity, Friendship, Courage, Loyalty, Confidence, Joy, Compassion, Humility, Mystery, Goodness, Praise, Generosity, Love, Faithful, Respect, Self-Control, Contentment, Gentleness, Kindness, Hope, Peace, Reliable, Trust, Rest, Gratitude, Perseverance.
Our Creator has many ways of walking with us and teaching us. He can even use a blind dog named Sage!

Very fun and encouraging stories with godly focus. Learning from our pets or the pets of others can be interesting if we are looking for ways to learn. Gayle does a great job sharing her faith through her experiences. You can read this book in a sit down, or just a chapter a day for 30 days and ponder what God is showing you.

This book can be purchased on Amazon or Cladach Publishing.
I received this book to review from Cladach for the Fall Book Fling.

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