Friday, November 2, 2012

Do Teen Girls BELIEVE They Are UNIQUE?

"Your body is an instrument. No, It's not a flute or a guitar (I hope). It is a sacred and original design by a mater craftsman with a specific plan and purpose."

In this post I am giving my opinion of the book first! Because, I LOVE this book! I received it from Zondervan  to review with intentions of giving it to my daughter for Christmas. I am having a VERY hard time waiting...  Maybe, I just click with this author somehow, but this book just cracks me up, and yet it has so many important issues women- single grown, married, teens, or other... deal with. I HIGHLY recommend it.

In this book Annie Downs, single for now, tackles important parts of our bodies and how to please God with them. But she doesn't just stick to the mundane like our eyes, ears, mouth etc... She covers things like our knees and our shoulders?? She has a very fun sense of humor with a godly twist. And I have caught myself laughing so many times throughout this book. It's like she is in the room with me, talking TO me! God created each of us UNIQUE and our uniqueness is for His glory. We should be honoring Him with every part of our bodies. God has given her an amazing talent for getting things across.

If you ask me, this is a must have for girls, especially. But it won't hurt all of us women to read it too! Get a copy for yourself, and give one to your friends, or daughters!
You can get them on AMAZON or other online retailers.

Well, here's hoping this review does not ruin the "surprise book" for Christmas. LOL!

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