Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fearless Daughters of the Bible - Review

Have you ever had feelings of inferiority? Maybe thought God couldn't use you because of your gender? In  this book J. Lee Grady, looks into the lives of 22 mold breaking women of the Bible. Women have for centuries dealt with abuse, feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. Lee brings out the gifts God has given His daughters. Some of the women referred to are: Sarah, Ruth, Esther, Mary, Priscilla, and many others, a few of them we do not often hear about.

As a woman I have dealt with many different emotions and feelings like those of "not being enough", or "not measuring up". Circumstances in our lives can contribute to those ideas. I looked forward to reading a book written specifically to women about biblical women and how they were used by God. And although I cannot say that I agree with everything Lee Grady had to say and how it measures up with scripture, there were some things in this book I was able to take to heart. I do believe that God has a purpose and a plan for each woman to serve him. I believe we must be in agreement with the Word of God to fulfill that plan in our lives. God can accomplish amazing things through those who allow Him first place in their lives, whether it is staying at home and caring for your family to the best of your ability or serving on a mission field, or ministering to those in need around us. I also still believe that according to scripture, even though we know God did not create women inferior to men, he did create a man to be the head and priest of the home, as the leaders! But as women we can also be confident in who were are in the LORD and what He has called us to do!  I cannot say that I would necessarily recommend this book to a friend, unless I was sure this friend was totally grounded in God's Word and able to discern for herself what Scripture says in comparison.

It seems God has given Lee Grady a heart for women who have suffered abuse and a desire to help them rise above their circumstances. He is surrounded by women, since God gave him and his wife four daughters. You can read more about him and his ministry The Mordecai Project HERE to form your own opinion.

*I received this book from Chosen Books for the purpose of review and am not required to give a positive review, simply my honest opinion of the book; which is what I have done.*

I have personally been inspired by other women who have with God's help risen above their circumstances and demonstrated wisdom, boldness, and a gentle yet confident spirit in serving the Lord.  What Fearless Daughter of God do you know or admire?  I would love to hear about her!

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  1. I'd love to be like those fearless women in victory. I often take courage from how ordinary is extraordinary when God uses the women in the Word. I have admired them and many of His modern day daughters who have taken wisdom and courage and championed social causes. I hope I can be strong enough to carry out my own purpose.


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