Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Most Special Christmas Memory

I have to say I do not honestly remember much of what I got for Christmas as child. Off the top of my head, the two Christmases I remember, were one, when all of us siblings received bicycles (mine was orange) and two, when we got a train set. It was so exciting to set it up all over the living room with my dad.
But my favorite Christmas memory is not the gifts we received but the legacy my parents gave us. Every Christmas morning we would hop out of bed, eat a Christmas breakfast one or both of my parents fixed, then we would gather round the tree as a family. My dad would get out his Bible and read the Christmas story of Jesus being born in a stable, and the shepherd hearing the good news from the angels and coming to visit him. We would thank God for his gift to us of salvation through His Son Jesus. Then we would open gifts.

This will always be my favorite Christmas memory. I am so thankful for parents who gave us so much more than gifts at Christmas. They gave their time, their faith, and their values. They gave us what mattered the most. JESUS!

Is Jesus the center of your Christmas season? If so how do you make it about include Him in your celebration?


  1. It is funny. This year, I have been racking my brains to remember any specific toy I got for Christmas as a kid and can't remember a one! I must be like you--I do remember the traditions most of all!

  2. Christmas would be much more meaningful if we all celebrated the day in the same way as your family did. Somewhere along the line it seems Happy Birthday Jesus was forgotten as the reason for the day's celebration.


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