Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Singing Competions, Mafia, Marshal Arts, and Romance...

A Dangerous Stage is the second book in the Protection for Hire series by Camy Tang. It can be read separate from the first book as a stand alone, but after reading it I think reading the first book would have been helpful to understand the background of the characters.

Tessa gets caught up in a web of lies surrounding a shady singing competition. Hired by one of the contestants who has information the show is rigged, she forms a prickly alliance with Charles Britton the lawyer  who sent her to prison - to uncover the dark figures manipulating the contest from behind the scenes. Tessa's abilities are tested like never before as she is forced to balance the safety of her client's family, and her confusing relationship with Charles. In the midst of chaos she hopes to bring down the shadowy organization all the while holding on to her faith.
My Thoughts:
Trying to decide how to review this book. There were parts of this book I liked and some I did not. The story line was interesting and had quite a bit of drama, suspense, and some romance in it. It was quite action packed with marshal arts fights and daring escapes, but did not keep my attention as well as some books.  There were alot of technical terms that I did not follow easily. The part of the book that really disappointed me though, was a scene as I approached the end of the book. It was kind of "cheesy" and not what I would expect to read in a Christian fiction. (Like watching a good movie, in which one scene has been inserted that takes away from being able to watch it with your kids) In my opinion this part of the book could have been eliminated or rewritten in a more appropriate way. It would be difficult for me to recommend this book to a teen audience. I was so disappointed I almost did not finish the book. I am glad I did though, as the author incorporated some thought provoking aspects at the end about sharing your faith with your friends before it is too late. It was an encouragement to be bold in our witness and not worry about how people feel, as their souls are more important than their opinion of us. And for that I must give the author credit.

I want to thank Zondervan for graciously providing this book for my review. All opinions here are my honest feelings about the book. I am not required to give a positive review.

When I read a novel labeled Christian fiction, I expect to be reading a good clean story line without innuendos.  I am curious to know if you feel the same way, or as long as it is a good story, is it OK for the author to include something a little questionable?  Please share your thoughts!


  1. Im glad you saw the book to the end even after feeling disappointed. I do tend to agree with your expectations for a Christian fiction novel,

  2. I've read some books that completely surprised me with individual scenes or pieces... Sometimes when a book is supposed to be Christian, I have a hard time justifying passing it on to a young audience... Tough call.

  3. The book sounds pretty complicated. Not sure this is something I would really be interested in reading.

  4. Complicated books can be difficult to review. I may give it a chance since you say it can stand alone. Thanks or the honest review.


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