Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Dream of Florence

The focus of the book is on the word Renaissance. It means re-birth with hope infused in every letter. Meg had always dreamed of going to Florence. Her father had promised to take her ever since she was a little girl. But our plans do not always work out as we would like, circumstances change, and as the book opens she has yet never been. But Meg has also not given up hope. Through a strange twist of events, Meg gets to Florence, only to find out she has been stood up and is alone. But Meg takes heart. She connects with some people she knows and makes the best of her visit. In the process, Meg learns alot about herself, her family, and renaissance.  Her hope is renewed in the process.

My Thoughts:
I read several other reviews before reading this book. Quite of few of them had me actually discouraged and uninterested. But some of the reviews raved the book, and since *I received this book from Waterbrook Publishing to review and give my opinion*, it was necessary to read it. So this is my opinion. It was a good book, overall very interesting, and worth reading. I learned things about Florence and Medici family that I did not know before, so even got a bit of a history lesson. The author intertwined the lives of three different women. It was not too difficult to follow them, after you got into the book. I did feel like she left the ending a bit up in the air as far as what was to happen next.... But maybe she is going to write a sequel? I do not know. There was not a lot of reference to God in the book although an occasional prayer, mention of God or so was included. But this book was also not labeled Christian Fiction. For me it was enjoyable, and I look forward to reading other books by this author.

You can read more about the author and her books on her blog: SUSAN MEISSNER 

This book is available for purchase on AMAZON.

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  1. Done...been looking at this one, and still am unsure if I want to read it!

  2. I am part Italian and love Italy, so I think I would enjoy this.

  3. So glad you made your own mind up on the book, Im sure the author appreciates it.

  4. I love it when readers and reviewers give an authentic personal opinion. I've been curious about this book too. Looks interesting. I love seeing lives connected in books.


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