Monday, February 18, 2013

A Lancaster County Saga- Review

The Discovery- Part 1 of 6

This book is the beginning of Luke and Meredith Stoltzfus' story. Luke has been out of work due to the economy, but gets an amazing new offer. There is one catch, he has to travel to Indiana for training. Meredith has her reservations, but agrees to let him go, hoping for a better future. Along the way, the unexpected happens and Luke meets with tragedy. What will become of them now? 
My Thoughts:
The plot and story line of this book are interesting enough, and I really enjoyed reading it; the saddest part, though, was that just as I was really getting into the story, it ended! There was just eight short chapters in this book, roughly 120 pages. I was quite a bit disappointed. I really like reading the whole story in one book!  Although I would definitely recommend the story part of what I read, I do not think I would recommend the book, unless you like to be left hanging... I personally do not enjoy waiting for the next part. Its one thing if the plot is over and you are simply waiting on a sequel, but in this case the story has just begun. There are six books, so if they are all like this one.... there will be alot of waiting to read the ending of this story. I hope in the future the author will consolidate all the short versions into one entire book.  These short books are all priced at $6.99 each.  How are you? Do you like reading the whole book at once, or have it broken up in sections?

You can read a chapter HERE or view the entire collection coming in this series on the author's website HERE.

This book and the others in this series are available through Barbour Publishing.

*I received this book from Handlebar to review in exchange for my honest opinion.  I am not required to give a positive review.*

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