Monday, February 4, 2013

Fearful or Fearless??

Recently, in our Sunday School class we have been discussing the topic of FEAR. We are using Max Lucado's  DVD series that acompanies this book - Fearless. So, after lesson one, I decided I could not wait all those weeks to get to the end, I had to read the book! Off to my local library I go to see if they have it, and YES they did!

I can't stress this enough, IT IS GOOD!  I personally, though claiming to live trusting in God, probably live life more on the fearful end, than the fearless. And that is not how I want to live, but at times our circumstances get the best of us.  I have read many of Max Lucado's books, and I like his style of writing. If you have ever listened to him speak, it is almost as though he is talking to you as you read the book. He sure has a way with words. He can say them same thing multiple times, without repeating what he said previously.
Well, back to the book. In Fearless, Max addresses all different types of fears we have. The fear of mattering, death, violence, the future, the economy, and on and on. But ultimately he reminds us that God is in control. And to absolve fear we need to delve into God's Word and learn what He says about the subject of fear. What are we to fear? Who are we to fear? When are we to fear?  Sometimes at night when I am lying in bed, reflecting on my day, or maybe just pondering some bad news that was on the news, I have to make the choice to remember the Scriptures God has given. To chose faith over fear. He is in control, and no matter what happens, the only one I need to fear is God himself!

If you are like me, you will want to read this book. Today's world is so unstable, there is so much to fear, but do we need to live in fear? What do you think?  Are your fears healthy or not? What would you do differently if you had no fear? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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