Monday, April 22, 2013

What a Son Needs from His Mom by Cheri Fuller

Are you a mom of boys? Do you ever feel like your son is from a different planet? Boys really do think, communicate,  and process the world differently than girls.
This book will help you understand your role as your son's mom, and what he needs during different stages of development.
It is  about providing encouragement, safety, support, comfort, and trust. Moms can build strong character in their boys. As moms we need to find a balance between staying connected and hoovering or controlling our sons. Cheri uses stories form personal experience as well as input from other moms and feedback from guys young and old. Each chapter ends with questions to ponder or discuss.

About the Author:Bethany House website
Known for her warmth, authenticity, and love for people, Cheri Fuller is a gifted, inspiring communicator who speaks nationally and internationally. Through her engaging storytelling style and practical wisdom, audiences leave inspired and challenged to face life’s struggles with hope and purpose. Cheri’s passion is encouraging women and inspiring and equipping people of all ages to connect with God in their busy life and impact their world through prayer, as they live life to the fullest, focus on what really matters, and build loving connections with family and friends no matter what their circumstances.
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My Thoughts:
As a Mom of one boy, and a Nana of six boys; BOY, do I need help!  We are so different, and yet... I do believe he needs me. I want to be his encourager, his support, and his comfort. I want to build his character and teach him to be a godly man. This book has provided alot of insight into areas I need to work on.  Things I need to keep doing, or change in how I work with him. It has opened my eyes to areas I need to understand about him, how he thinks or feels differently than me.  I have had many "aha" moments that clicked and the light bulb came on. I know there are many books out there with advice. Sometimes it can be overload. Usually on these types of books, I tend to take it slowly and try to digest the information rather than swallow it whole. I want to be the best mom I can possibly be with God's help to my son. I want to help him grow into the man God wants him to be. This book will be a keeper on my shelf for a while.

Your Thoughts:
Are you raising boys? How are they different or alike to you? Do you have any good tips on things you have done to keep the doors open as they get older?

*I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I am not required to give a positive review.*

This book is available on Amazon or from Bethany House Publishers.


  1. It sounds like the book could be quite a good source of comfort knowing that what your currently experiencing with bringing up boys is only natural and what most other parents are dealing with, having two boys this book sounds really interesting.

  2. I need this book! Sometimes I think my son is a different species lol Great review and looks like a good read!

  3. My son is amazing, but I do often feel like I am not giving him everything he needs. It will be a awesome to find some nuggets of wisdom. I will definitely be checking this book out.

    Elizabeth Rising Early, 31 Days


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