Tuesday, April 30, 2013

When Jesus Wept by Bodie and Brock Thoene - Review

Lazarus - the man Jesus raised from the dead in one of the most extraordinary encounters with The Living Saviour in all Scripture. But the life of Lazarus holds interest well beyond this miraculous event. Living in Bethany, near Jerusalem, Lazarus witnessed many of the most important events of Jesus's life and ministry. Lazarus owned a vineyard and devoted his life to caring for its vines and fruit. But when he encountered another man - Jesus- whose vineyard was the world, its fruit the eternal souls of men; Lazarus was changed. When Lazarus's story and the story of Jesus's crucifixion and resurrection touch in When Jesus Wept, we are offered a unique vision into the power and comfort of Christ's love.

About the Authors:
Bodie and Brock Thoene (pronounced Tay-nee) are best selling authors of over sixty-five historical fiction novels.  They are experts at capturing hearts and minds of their readers. Bodie has been writing since she was a teen, and Brock does the historical research and assists as story line consultant. They make an amazing team! They have four children and eight grandchildren. Their children are carrying on the family talent.
You can visit their website at http://www.thoenebooks.com/
This book is available on Amazon and other online retailers.
Years ago, when I was a teen, I read their books Zion Chronicles and the Zion Covenant. Those books were also incredible and so informative about the Jews.

My Thoughts:
Have you ever wanted to go back in time? Have the opportunity to walk with Jesus, listen to His preaching come alive, and get a better picture of the Bible?  I have! I love reading a well- written intriguing Bible fiction novels. And this is certainly one of them! As you read the pages of this book you will meet Lazarus, Mary Magdalene, Roman soldiers, Nicodemus, and many other characters from the Bible. You will walk with them through their trials and triumphs, and amidst it all get a glimpse into their relationships with Jesus.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. This is the first book in the Jerusalem Chronicles. I am eagerly awaiting the next. I guess when reading Biblical/Historical fiction the main thing to remember is that these stories are not the inspired Word of God, simply a human, inspired to portray the story in a way we may possibly better relate to the happenings in the Bible or history.
*I received this book courtesy of Book Sneeze program from Thomas Nelson publishers in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation given.*

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