Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Who Do You See in the Mirror? by Ginny Yttrup

This week I am focusing quite a bit on Ginny Yttrup's new book Invisible. This book, although fiction, has a powerful message to bring healing to many who suffer self-image issues. God has blessed Ginny with a wonderful talent using words.  I enjoyed this book immensely - you can read my review HERE.

“Do you hear voices?” The psychiatrist looked at me over his reading glasses. As I hesitated, he scrawled a note on the form he’d attached to his clipboard.

“Sometimes I do. They’re not audible, but... They’re loud in my head.” I laughed. “They’re just the normal kind of voices though.” The doctor was a Christian, so I figured he’d understand. However, instead of an affirming nod and smile, he jotted more notes.

So I babbled on, which, in hindsight, didn’t work in my favor.

I was sitting across from a psychiatrist because I was struggling with depression and my general physician prescribed medication that hadn’t helped. So he referred me to a psychiatrist. I walked into the mental health professional’s office that day feeling a little blue. I left feeling a lot crazy.

But I’m not.
You’ve heard the voices too, haven’t you?

Read the rest over here at NOVEL CROSSING

Ginny authored this devotional over at Novel Crossing and this excerpt has been used with her permission, but you will have to follow through to Novel Crossing to read the rest!

Ginny's book is currently available on Amazon, Christian Book Distributors, and Barnes and Noble. This book is worth the read. If you are struggling with self-image or know anyone who is or has, Ginny's book  is based on some of her very own struggles and experiences with this very topic. Her God-given insight is amazing.

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