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A Big Year for Lily - Revell Blog Tour

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"You know, Lily, friendships aren't always easy, aren't always perfect, aren't always free from hurt. But it isn't right to just ignore people or wish they would be sent off someplace far, far away. How we choose to handle those times when we're wounded by a friend will make the difference between growing love or creating a hole."

Get ready for more fun with Lily and friendship!

Every day brings new adventures for Lily! With cousin Hannah at her side, life is filled with surprises including a rotten school trick played on her by Effie Kauffman and a surprising change of heart in the worst boy imaginable, Aaron Yoder. But tears turn to laughter as Lily turns ten, wears grown-up clothes, sits with her friends at church.... and turns the tables on Effie. 
Available online through Revell and Deeper Shopping (a Christian distributor) and other retailers.

My Thoughts:
This book to me was a bit like the Little House on the Prairie series, with Laura and Nellie. I have enjoyed reading it. Although I had heard of it, I had not read any of this series before. Coming in on book three did not phase it though. I was able to read right along and follow the story well. Lily has three brothers and is Amish. She goes to a one room school house and has the common nine year old joys and problems. I love the simplicity and yet it is full of wisdom nuggets for kids. Lily's father is a great listener and his words, though few, are loaded with wisdom on life. Each chapter is a new adventure in Lily's year, as she deals with things from bats in her room, to annoying kids at school and spats with her cousin Hannah.  This book is great for tween girls who love to read! I am even wondering if my youngest, who is five, might enjoy a chapter every now and then. I think so!! It a good clean read and teaches love for God and others. I am actually looking forward to checking out the other books in this series.
You can see them HERE

About the Authors:
This book is written by Suzanne Fisher and Mary Ann Kinsinger.  I enjoyed finding out more about these authors.
Suzanne has always had a great admiration for the Amish. She has written many Amish fiction books and non-fiction. She believes you don't have to go-Amish to simplify your life. There are many principles you can incorporate into your daily life such as - living with less, forgiveness, and trusting God. You can read more about her on Suzanne's website
Mary Ann grew up Amish, although she no longer is. She shares her memories of what it was like - hence some of the content for the Lily books. She blogs at where she shares her memories of growing up Amish along with many other tid-bits. I really enjoyed checking out her blog.

*I received this book from Revell Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion. I am not required to give a positive review.*

"Available July 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group."

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  1. Thanks so much for being a part of the blog tour for Lily--so glad this story makes you want to try another book in the series! Warmly, Suzanne


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