Thursday, July 25, 2013

Biff and Becka's Stupendous Vacation by Elaine Beachy

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Can a stupid stay-cation turn into a "stupendous" vacation?

Biff and Becka's family has been looking forward to a great summer vacation. But alas, due to unexpected circumstances, said vacation has been cut out and will not be happening.  Biff has to deal with serious disappointment and attitude problems. Can a stay-cation be fun? Will he find a way to enjoy it? How will he deal with
the humiliation in front of his friends? Can anything good come from this?
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My Thoughts:
As a parent we all deal with struggles our children go through. Teaching them values and re-enforcing God's ideals is not always an easy task. Sometimes we have to be the ones giving the disappointing facts. How we handle our attitudes as a parent can make a big difference in how our children relate to the news at hand.  Biff and Becka's family are Christians. A pay cut has ruined the family's annual summer vacation. Everyone is disappointed, but Biff most of all. It shows in all he does. This book encourages children to have godly behavior, treat their parents, siblings, and friends with respect, and trust the Lord to bring good out of bad. Biff's family plans a "stay"cation instead. Who knew camping out in your own backyard could be this much fun? Biff has some serious conduct issues to deal with, but as we go through the book, the reader can see God working. The end has a very special and exciting twist. I read this book to my 8 and 5 year old, and they loved it. They could relate to many of the characters in the story, and their interaction with each other. As a parent, I think this book is a great encouragement to support what we are trying to teach our children.

About the Author:
Elaine has written and taught Bible studies for women in her church; she does freelance writing as well. She feels compelled to write books for children in a way that will help change the family and our culture. She has been married 45 years, has three children and four grandchildren.
You can visit Elaine's Biff and Becka's Adventures website and also to learn more about Elaine and her books.

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