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Indebted by Braxton DeGarmo -Review

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It's late 1960's and life with an alcoholic father in rural western North Carolina couldn't get worse for young Alice Cummings, until she gets pregnant out of wedlock and her father "sells" her baby. She flees, resolved to find her child, but more tragedy derails her search. Yet, her life turns around in a most unexpected way... before she disappears from the face of the earth.
For current day, mega selling author, Myra Mitchell, the "Diva of Disaster," a life of hard work and harder partying falls into a tailspin after a life-changing diagnosis. In pursuit of a final book, she sets her sights on the unknown story of Betsy Weston, her favorite cartoonist, who appeared from nowhere in Ashville, NC, in 1969. Myra finds herself racing death to pay back a debt unveiled by her hunt.
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My Thoughts:
This books begins by introducing the various characters; the teen daughter of a drunkard father, a Christian neighbor, a possibly crooked sheriff, an author, and a student journalist. Once you get into the plot though, you begin to understand a bit about how they tie in with each other. In the first few chapters, we have a child abduction, a murder, a runaway, and much more to grab your attention and keep you reading. The way the author depicts the character's lives, although sad, is a reality people live in daily. This makes the plot very believable and interesting. 
I have to say, that at this point, I have not finished this book. I did read the first fourteen chapters, but honestly am a bit disappointed in some of the language expressed openly in this book. Personally, as a Christian, I choose to avoid this kind of language in the books I read, as I feel I am exposed to it enough in circumstances where it cannot be avoided. Hence the reason, that although curiosity is getting the best of me, I have chosen not to finish reading. At some point, enough is enough. 
I understand that, at times, to make a point, the author chooses to use certain words for the reader's better understanding of the situation, but I do not feel God wants me to intentionally fill my mind with this kind of vocabulary, and I have a hard time reading it in. I did read the end just to get a general idea of how it turned out, whether the characters possibly had a change of lifestyle, which is what I would have wanted to see happening. Without giving it away, the author has come up with an unexpected twist at the end and has done an awesome job drawing it to a close.  If you enjoy a good mystery and do not mind the use of crude language in a book, you will most likely enjoy this book!

About the Author:
Braxton has not always wanted to be a writer, although his mother was convinced he has what it took. When his family life finally settled down, his mother once again took up her mantra, "Write a book. You're a good writer." With no experience in writing anything other than technical articles, he hesitated to try his hand at fiction. He finally did! Fifteen years after that first hesitant start, he can't find enough time to write as much as he'd like. He now lives in Missouri with his wife, Paula. Their two children are grown and with three grandchildren nearby, "Papa" wears a number of hats.
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