Thursday, August 29, 2013

The One Year Devos for Teen Girls by Gresh and Weibel - Review

Disclosure: The following post contains some advertisement for book and publisher.
Family Issues
Ever wonder how to handle the big issues you deal with at school and with your friends?
Join teen advocates Dannah Gresh and Suzy Weibel as they break down some of the tough issues you face day after day. Just like trusted big sisters, Dannah and Suzy share from the wisdom they 'be picked up from their own lives and their work with teen girls.  Gresh doesn't shy away from controversial issues, but gives Biblical advice on topics teens are sure to wonder about.
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About the Authors:
Dannah Gresh, a mother/daughter communication coach, has sold well over three quarters of a million copies of her books, making her one of hte most successful Christian authors targeting teens and preteens. With the belief that today's culture has been seeking to rob little girls of their innocence, Dannah has been fighting on the front lines to protect them. She has long been at the forefront of the movement to encourage both tweens and teens to pursue purity and is often called upon to defend the conservative position of abstinence in national news media like USA Today, Time, Chicago Tribune, and Women's Wear Daily. She is also a frequent contributor to Family Life Today, Midday Connection, and Focus on the Family. Dannah lives in State College, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Bob, and their children. Dannah's website Pure Freedom has a whole lot to offer girls and mom's in relation to their daughters. You will want to check it out. 

Suzy Weibel is a lead teacher for Dannah Gresh's Pure Freedom and Secret Keeper Girl events. A graduate of Wheaton College's Arena Theater program, Suzy has employed her unique communication skills to encourage tens of thousands of tween girls and their moms to choose to believe the true things God says about them. The author/co-author of five books for teen/preteen girls, she is also a full-time church planter with her husband Jonathan in State College, Pennsylvania. She is a weekend warrior athlete, the mom of two grown girls, and is learning the ropes as a brand new grandma. She also not so secretly hopes to compete one day in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

I received this book from Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for my honest opinion.
What is my opinion?
This book will be a great benefit for many girls looking to grow in Christ. My daughter (age 18) and I, both had a chance to read it. It is a one year devotional with each day consisting of a verse, a thought, and an action step at the end. Both my daughter and I thought the topics were relevant to today's society and the devotional was easy to read. We both felt like this book will apply to a wide age of teens, including mid-teens who are growing in the Lord or older teens who may not have been exposed to a godly raising and do not have a foundation in knowing what the Bible says regarding these topics. As far as younger teens, I would recommend moms and daughters work through this devotional together. There are alot of topics covered such as abortion, human trafficking, poverty, guys, facebook, integrity, modesty and many more. Most teens are getting their information on these topics from their peers, the media, and sources other than the Word of God. Dannah and Suzy do an amazing job of addressing these issues in a way that is insightful, uses Scripture, and gives a teen much to consider. I would recommend this devotional for girls, with the understanding that this is not an in depth Bible study. It is merely a tool used to learn what God has to say in Scripture through man's interpretation.

At what age would you begin discussing some of these topics with your daughter?


  1. My daughter is 8 and we are working on a new devo called the the God Girl. I want to make sure my children get their info from us not tv or their friends. This sounds like a good tool!

  2. We love the idea of moms and girls doing these together. To be honest, a lot of these are issues facing adults as well! And you are right, Amy and Sharon.... what a disaster when we take our cues from culture instead of God's word and those who are rooted in it~

    1. Yes Susan I have to agree, that many adults are facing these same issues! Thanks for tackling them in this book in a God honoring way!

  3. I am definitely going to need a copy - so afraid my T will get to this stage. I want to keep her at 6 forever. lol.


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