Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Guest Post by Lucy the Dinosaur's Author - Joey Ahlbum

Today, I want to welcome author Joey Ahlbum to guest post on my blog. Yesterday, I featured his book series about Lucy the Dinosaur and posted my REVIEW.  Today you get to hear from the author himself about why he wrote the Lucy books.  Thank you Joey for being here.
Why I wrote Lucy the Dinosaur:

Lucy is an adventurer.  She wants to learn about her surroundings by getting out there and climbing, crawling, jumping, and running all over her dino world.  She wants to learn what’s behind that ridge over there.  She wants to learn what happens when dinosaurs that can’t fly try anyway.  She wants to learn how to win a staring contest with a rock.
Interestingly, her curiosity is more scientific than impetuous.  She doesn’t recklessly pursue knowledge and is a planner.  She ALWAYS has a reason why she is doing something even if it doesn’t make sense.  And she is not afraid of setbacks.  That just means there’s something new to figure out.
I first started drawing Lucy for my daughter, Ginger, when she was about 5 years old.  Ginger was obsessed with dinosaurs and I wanted to create a friend that she could play with, draw, and even voice! (Link to the Ginger-voiced: Lucy video.  Ginger was always a tomboy and quite rough and tumble and I couldn’t find a female protagonist in kid’s books or TV who was multifaceted.  Girls were either tough and caked in mud or prissy and wearing a tutu, but not allowed to do both.  I wrote Lucy to show my daughter that girls can be everything all at once.  Lucy is fun and sweet, tough and bossy, but most importantly unabashedly curious.  I want for Ginger & Lucy, what I want from all kids, to always stay curious and pursue adventure.
Joey Ahlbum

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