Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fall Blog Tour with Cladach Audiobooks - Just in time for Christmas

I received one of the following audiobooks in exchange for my review. The following post contains some publisher advertisement. 

Just in time for Christmas Cladach has released three audiobooks.
The first one I am featuring is one of my all time favorite
reads. I have not only read the book but also listened to the audio. My family just loves this story!! And yours will too!!  It is a short simple story portraying the gospel in an easy to understand exciting way. My son has been listening to this audio on his ipod before bed and gets up every morning excited to tell me what the previous nights chapters were about.
Very HIGHLY recommended!
WHITE AS SNOW: A Christmas Story (Mysterious Ways #1)
Author: Donna Westover Gallup
Read by: Graydon Schlichter
Length: 3 hrs. 47 min.
Story Synopsis:
COLORADO TERRITORY 1864 ~ Young Charlie is alone on the ranch that sits between the empty prairie and the Rocky Mountains. As he cares for his dying grandpa and tries to figure out how to survive the winter, he keeps remembering the old man's words: "Failure is not an option, son."
As the first storm of the season hits, a mysterious mountain man shows up at the isolated ranch and good things start to happen. But can Charlie trust the giant stranger with his one terrible secret? Then, on Christmas Day, he learns what trust really means.
An entertaining and heartwarming story for the entire family to enjoy during the holiday season and all year.
Buy for youth and adults at iTunes
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Author Video:

#2. I have not listened to this audio, but have read this book with my kids and they really really enjoyed it!! Definitely recommneded!
Author: Dean Davis Read by: Katie Leigh Length: 2 hrs. 48 min. Story Synopsis:
Sherman, a young ram in the Good Shepherd's flock, longs for adventure and acceptance by his peers. Heedless of his father's warnings, Sherman heads up the mysterious mountain only to encounter strange new enticements and dangers on its slopes. Like "Pilgrim's Progress," this exciting allegory chronicles a young soul's awakening.
For youth striving to discover their own beliefs and values, the adventure of Sherman and his friends is an unforgettable journey to God's Country!
An excellent recording for a young child to listen to, or for a family, class, or small group.
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FAITHFUL FRIENDS: Holocaust Survivors' Stories of the Pets who Gave Them Comfort, Suffered Alongside Them, and Waited for Their Return
Author/Compiler: Susan Bulanda Read by: Katie Leigh Length: 3 hrs. 36 min. Story Synopsis:
Never-before-told stories of the pets (dogs and cats) that were left behind during World War II in Hungary, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Romania, France, and Yugoslavia when Jewish families were torn from their homes and taken to ghettos and concentration camps. Most of these accounts are told by men and women who were children during the Holocaust. Their beloved pets provided comfort and courage, gave them a connection to happier times, and helped them to never give up hope.
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