Friday, November 1, 2013

The Pandora Box by Lily Maytree - Review

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for my review. The following post contains some advertisement.

Journalist D.J. Parker learns the location of a famous cache of diamonds that were stolen during World War II. What she doesn't know is -- the federal government has been following the case for years. With an old journal to lead the way, she sets out aboard a yacht that once carried the infamous Herman Goering. A thrilling treasure hunt that could prove to be the adventure of a lifetime.

   That is, if the captain and his partner don't turn out to be crooks. If the FBI officers are really working for the FBI. And if the horrendous secret Dee uncovered during the investigation has absolutely no connection to the famous jewels. But how long can a secret remain a secret? And more importantly, how can a person really tell who is trustworthy, and who is not?
Read an Excerpt:
This book is available through Deeper Shopping and other online retailers.

About the Author:
Lily Maytree is an inspirational adventure novelist. She loves sharing her adventures with readers. It has even been said that she time-travels, but that is probably just a rumor.  It might take a few days if she is adventuring far away... but she always comes back sooner or later. To learn more about Lily enjoy her website and blog.

I was blessed with this book by TBCN and author in exchange for my honest opinion.

This is what I thought:
I kind of hate it when I have to put a good book down to do my house work, but priorities must come first! I would so much rather have had all day, a cup of coffee or hot cocoa and time on my hands with this one. I was actually reading a couple of books at the time I started this one, but to say the least, it won out; and I just had to finish it first!

What drew me to this book to begin with was the stunning, eye catchy cover! After reading the plot, I was a bit skeptical about it. Not really sure if it was my kind of book... but the more I read, the harder it was to put it down. Had my kids not been in the habit of staying up as late as I, and my eyelids not kept shutting in spite of myself (due to my 4:30am wake up hours) I think I would have finished it in record time! The author captivates you with a tale that begins in a psychiatric hospital and ends on the high seas. Mental illnesses, a hospital resorting to horrible things, an abandoned boat and millions of dollars in stolen jewels for the enthusiastic treasure hunter are just a few of the topics that will keep you in suspense.
Dee, a reporter, her friend Marion and two men they just met, set out for an adventure in which none can shake the others; because they all have too much at stake - a reputation, a friend, and a dream.... Lily has so many twists and turns in this book, the pages must keep turning. Lily did a great job of including Dee's relationship with God in the story and how that affected and influenced those around her. In one sense, this story could be far-fetched, but I, personally, could easily see something like this happening in real life! I promise you will not put this down, til you solve the mystery! So go ahead and get it ... it is worth the read!
Lily also includes a bit of the tale of Nellie Bly, a real life reporter, of whom with my curiosity now peaked, I will have to look into more in depth.

What attracts you to a book? The plot? The cover? A recommendation by a friend?

Enjoy the following video clip of The Pandora Box

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