Saturday, January 11, 2014

Organizing Your Prayer Closet by Gina Duke

The FTC requires disclosure on advertisement in this post. I received this book in exchange for reviewing it.

A New Life-changing Way to Pray
This is a book about prayer, a devotional, a journal and an organizer in one resource!
A few things you will learn from “Organizing Your Prayer Closet” — How to:
• Offer up meaningful worship
• Grow Spiritually by overcoming sin
• Hear God with clarity
• Experience the pleasure of obedience
• Become a proactive Ambassador of Christ
• Discern God’s calling for your life
• Remember prayer requests
• Learn how to pray with scripture, and
• Develop faith and confidence in the
Sovereignty of God.

Author Gina Duke illuminates the importance and power of prayer as the best connection to the source of all strength. Then, she breaks down tough spiritual concepts into practical exercises with 52 weekly worksheets that guide and equip you on a yearlong prayer journey.
Organizing Your Prayer Closet is not only a book that helps you learn to pray, but will also facilitate it for you. With the inclusion of a structured prayer journal, you cannot fail in prayer, but will be more focused and effective. There are 10 chapters that discuss each of the 10 departments of the Prayer Closet Organizer. Gina shares personal stories, thought-provoking questions, sample prayers, prayer tips and prayer quotes from famous theologians. This book will revolutionize your prayer life!

This book is available at various online locations including but not limited to:
About the Author:
Gina Duke is a direct, on-point speaker and Bible teacher. With a degree in Organizational Leadership as well as 15 years of leading women's conferences, Gina provides expertise for uncluttering the busy Christian's life. She is the Director of Women's Ministry at her church and host for "A Moment of Clarity" radio feature.She frequently hosts prayer journaling workshops. She and her family live in Portland, Tennessee. Visit her online at

I want to thank Gina and TBCN for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own and I am not required to give a positive review.

What did I think?
For years I have attempted, without much success to have a prayer journal. The last few years have been a bit better than previous ones, but I am still not where I want to be with my prayer walk journey. I was so excited to receive this book from Gina, and see what advice she had to offer.
I love her ideas! Not only does she incorporate something that should be a priority in all our lives when approaching the throne -Thanksgiving and Praise - but she also includes sections on Freedom and Forgiveness, being Ambassadors for Jesus, and Ears to Hear His voice.  Over the past few years I have used the Petition and Answer style, but never thought to include God's timing in those answers. Gina explains just how to do that! She also uses the Ask, Seek, Knock technique as a guide to what our personal involvement in the prayer request should be.
Her style is the best I have read yet. I just like how she organizes the prayer journal into somewhat of a legacy that you leave behind. You can also look back over a year and see how you have progressed spiritually in your relationship with the Lord, as well as overcoming sins that you struggle with or are bogging you down, and what you are doing for God in your life.
I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a fresh way to enhance your prayer life. I know I am guilty many times of offering to pray for someone and then letting it slip my mind until I see the person again or they bring up the subject.
Gina has included your very own starter prayer journal in the back of her book, and although I like that, it is way to compact for me, I know I am going to need more space already!

What about you...
Have you every struggled with your prayer life? In what ways? Do you think this book would be an asset to improving your prayer life?
I would love to hear your ideas on prayer journaling and what you are presently using.

I am hoping in the near future to have an interview with Gina on my blog. I have a few things I would like to ask her that I am still interested in incorporating into my prayer journal.

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