Friday, January 3, 2014

Sex and the Single Christian Girl by Marian Jordan Ellis

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Can purity survive real-world temptation?
"True love waits"--but what exactly are you waiting for? After all, we're constantly bombarded with Hollywood's idea of romance--that sex is no big deal, that everyone is doing it, that it's the only path to a happy ending. Maybe you've even begun to wonder, What am I missing? Is the wait really worth it?

Cover Art Marian Jordan Ellis has been there. She knows the pitfalls of giving in to temptation--but also the blessings of God's best found in waiting after she committed herself to Christ and to sexual purity. Now, from one Christian woman to another, she hopes to spare you from the heartache of sexual sin and instead point you toward God's best.
 Marian offers lots of practical advice, backed by biblical truth, to equip you with the tools to overcome past mistakes and future temptations.

You are cherished. Whether you are happily single, casually dating, or have found "the one," your purity is worth fighting for.

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About the Author:
Marian Jordan EllisMarian Jordan Ellis holds a master's degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and is the founder of Redeemed Girl Ministries. She is the author of Sex and the City Uncovered, Wilderness Skills for Women, The List, Radiant, and The Girlfriend Guidebook. Marian is a sought-after speaker and has shared her testimony at over fifty college campuses nationwide through her Girls' Night Out event, and her weekly Bible study podcast reaches thousands of young women. Marian is married and makes her home in San Antonio, Texas. Learn more at

I was blessed with this book courtesy of Bethany House in exchange for my honest opinion.

My Thoughts:
In a world where purity seems a thing of the past, everyone is sleeping with everyone else, and people are moving in and out with each other quicker than you can blink your eyes. Girls are having sex at a very young age, and this is all happening within the Christian circles. For as long as I can remember,  teens have been told to keep themselves pure, but in today's society the temptation to throw in the towel on the "rules" is even stronger.  So how do girls manage to do stay pure? I was totally taken with this book and Marians view on things. She uses Scripture, but does not just give a list of "rules" to follow. She gives a Vision! A reason, something to look forward to, a plan! She tells why it is so important to stay pure, why sex outside of marriage has lasting impact on emotions and lives of both girls and guys but especially girls. She gives pointers on how to resist temptation, and she stresses the priority of a close walk with Jesus.  She also does not rule out those who may have already fallen into the temptation, and feel like there is no hope for them, so what's the point! There is always Hope, Restitution, and Joy in following Jesus. There is Grace and Mercy in Him. This book is about so much more than just "don't have sex til you're married."  I wish this book would have been out in my teen years, and I certainly am going to encourage my single teen daughter to read it.  I am not sure this book would be good for younger teens unless they are already sexually active. Then I think the book would explain the reasons why God created sex in the context of marriage, and the importance of choosing purity.  Thank you Marian for a book well written.

Do you know someone who could use this book? Raising girls in todays society is not always easy when you are attempting to keep the morals and values high. I would highly recommend this book.

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