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Prepared for a Purpose by Antoinette Tuff - Review

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Cover Art870 children waited in fear as their elementary school rushed into lockdown mode. As the nation faced yet another Sandy Hook story of tragedy, one woman rewrote the ending. 
Yet the story doesn't start with those first steps Michael Hill took into that Atlanta elementary school. It starts with Antoinette Tuff, a woman who faced her own pain, hurt and rejection, yet held onto grace, faith, and hope. A hope that
anchored her in the most high-stakes moments, a grace that allowed her to empathize with a hurting young man, and a faith that gave her the courage to love him back from the brink.
There is more than just an amazing account of tragedy averted. It;s the evidence of what we can do when we allow ourselves to be used by God. And it's a story of how God uses all our life experiences --the good and the bad-- to prepare us for our own moment of divine purpose.
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About the Authors:
Antoinette Tuff
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     Antoinette Tuff is a true picture of grace, courage, leadership and heroism at its best. But before she made headlines and talked a school shooter back from the brink, she was a woman who faced --and overcame--her own pain and hurt. Publicly recognized by President Obama for her courageous act that saved a school from tragedy, she's also been nominated for the prestigious Carnegie Medal for civilian heroism. Today Antoinette speaks around the world, spreading hope and sharing her inspiring message of how our lives prepare us for our own moments of purpose. She has two children. 
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I was blessed with this book by Bethany House Blogger Program in exchange for my honest opinion. 

This is what I thought:
This book is inspirational! Antoinette's story could be any one of us. She came from a broken home, and did all she could to keep her children from repeating the generational curse. She struggled to overcome the trials she faced. She has a great testimony to God's goodness. Did all things turn out well for her? Not in human terms of success, but God does not always see success the same way we do. Her daily struggles were the very things God used to help her be able to empathize with a school shooter. She was able to understand his feelings and feel compassion towards him verses just fear and hate. She was able to use the very things that had caused her pain to associate with his pain. She does not claim to be a hero. Instead she says, she was created for a purpose as we all were and that day she was simple a vessel being used by God. This book will be an encouragement to all who read it! I would highly recommend it. This is the kind of people I want my children to hear about! People who rise above their circumstances, and trust God through it all!

What people inspire you? Do you have any inspirational stories or books to share?

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