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A Blackguard's Redemption by Ta'Mara Hanscom - Review

Welcome back to Day Three of Caselli Series Blog-a-Thon with Ta'Mara Hanscom.
The saga continues...  
Tragedy, Mystery, and so much more!

Book Three - A Blackguard’s Redemption picks up where Pit of Ambition left off. Noah has  discovered the identity of his beloved Angel and he schemes a way to have words with her alone at church.
Tillie is not at all happy with the situation. Surprisingly, she is still extremely angry with Noah for what transpired between the two of them more than eleven years before. She makes Noah promise that he will not ever tell Alex, or any of her brothers. Noah agrees.

Alex decides to run for political office—and it’s worse than ever. He reveals his real “blackguardly side” by notifying Tillie that he’s spent enough time at home with her and the kids, and that he should move (by himself) to another city. He leaves Tillie and the kids behind in order to pursue his career. 

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My Thoughts:
This book was the most difficult to read, not because of the writing, but the story line is hard to swallow. Noah is healing from deep grief, Tillie is lonely as her husband is away more and more. Rosa, Tillie's mother, had prayed for Noah since he was a teenager, and the family secret has pretty much been blown out of the water. The unexpected happens - But it's not what you think! Ta'Mara does an awesome job addressing issues of divorce, remarriage, separation, etc. What a Christian should do in that case. And although you will be rooting for Noah and Tillie to find a way to be together, is that God's plan for them? We can forgive all for our favorite couple to be together - can we not? And in today's society - they would have that "right".
This is a story of redemption, completely undeserved forgiveness, and self-sacrifice in the interest of those we love.  It also includes those conniving people who are looking for ways to meddle, interfere or gossip. You know the pot stirrers! I am sure we all have had contact with some of those. It can stir up some pretty angry emotions! And the unexpected ended may not suit all, but it is worth the read, because the best is yet to come!

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About the Author:
Monday, February 11, 2013One things I love about Ta'Mara is that she addresses real life issues - divorce, adultery, deep emotional stuff, family secrets, gossip, all in-light of God's Word. But my favorite of all, is that she includes the gospel message in every one of her books. They are a great testimony to the changes God can bring about in the life of an ordinary person and how the choices we make affect not only us, but those around us.
You can read more about her and her testimony HERE

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