Friday, April 18, 2014

Have You Seen It?

Have you seen it yet?  
They say its good!

I haven't had the chance to see it yet. A group from church went last night to watch it, and I wanted to go, but circumstances prevented me from going. But my time will come.
Anyhow... I wanted to share a neat story that happened to my daughter, related to the movie. 
Since I haven't seen the movie, so I do not know exactly what happens, but I do know that every so often I get a text that says GOD'S NOT DEAD....
Hmmm.... These texts were kind of random and I hadn't gotten an explanation. But, naturally, I figured they must have been tied into the movie somehow.
Back to my story...
Last night, I got a couple of texts, and this morning my daughter explained. At the end of the movie, you are supposed to send all your contacts a message that says God's Not Dead! She started sending them to people on her list, which included a friend from camp. Unknown to her this friend had changed her number and so someone else got the message.  That person replied, "Who is this?".  When my daughter answered,  the girl told her that last night she had been praying and crying out to God for something - and she got that text.
I don't think so!
This movie is impacting lives and not just those who've seen it.

You can read more about the movie HERE or watch the above trailer.

Obviously, I cannot give my opinion of the movie yet, but I would love to hear yours.
Have you watched it? How did it affect you? Have you heard any other stories like this one?

I received no compensation for this post. 

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