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Meet the Caselli Family and Author Ta`Mara Hanscom

This week I will be hosting a week long blogathon about the Caselli Series -introducing, reviewing, and finally interviewing author Ta`Mara Hanscom. I hope you will join me each day.

I fell in love with the Caselli's last year...

When I read Book V, The Truth, in Ta`Mara Hanscom's Caselli Family Series.  And I want to introduce you this family! I think you will fall in love with them just as I have and they will always be a part of your life.  Although they are fictional humans, (and at first I thought they were real - I was googling them) their family values are godly with high standards. They base them on God's word and the gentlemen in the family are referred to as Knights.  Any man who does not hold a godly standard is referred to as a Blackguard
Meet The Caselli's:
Guiseppi - father,  Italian immigrant to America, ristoranti owner
Rosa - mother and wife of Guiseppi, also immigrated to America, prayer warrior

Their children - of whom all but one immigrated to America with their parents
Sen. Petrice Caselli (R) New York,
 c. 1975 (c) 2013 Reata Archives
Petrice - eldest son, working on becoming US Senator
Vincenzo - second son, married to Kate (they have two children),  owns Reata a beautiful ranch inherited from his uncle
Marquette - youngest son, private detective and investigator, married to Tara 
Tillie - only daughter, born in America, beloved of family and nicknamed "Angel"

The Caselli's migrated to America, more specifically to Sioux Falls, South Dakota with help from their dear friends,  James and Francis Martin.  The Martin's have three children,
Sam, the oldest who works at his father's law firm
Kate, married to Caselli's son Vincenzo
Alex, an ambitious young man studying at Harvard with a future career in law

Last but not least, a character named, Noah Hansen - brother, raised as son of Pastor Joshua and wife Mona Hansen
                          BOOK #1                       BOOK #2                          BOOK #3                     BOOK #4

Ta`Mara Hanscom wrote the epic family saga of The Caselli Family Series in 1996, but it was not published until 2009.

These two families along with Noah, are the main cast of characters in the Caselli series, but it involves and intertwines itself into the lives of many others.  This story is definitely unpredictable and very engaging. Once you begin, it will be difficult to put it down until you reach the end! I dare you to take this challange!  
The author Ta`Mara Hanscom, who will be here interviewing on Friday, has used each book to share the gospel and Christianity with her readers, along with other issues such as pre-marital sex, abortion, adultery, and divorce, from a Biblical point of view.  As you read this series you will come away with a new perspective on love, forgiveness, and marriage. 

Ta`Mara has adapted a slogan for her writing style: Where there are never any vampires, no sex and no vulgar language. Simply just the very best in Christian fiction.

I hope you will join me each day to learn about her books. And at the end of the week I will be posting an awesome giveaway!


  1. I have loved and enjoyed all of The Caselli Series. I was totally encrouse with each and everyone. I have be looking for book 6 "A Place Too Far From Grace", has it been finished because I sure do want to get the 6th book. Ilove the fact that you use scripture and the salvation plan all through your books and it was good clean reading.

    1. I do not believe book #6 has been released yet. I think Ta`Mara mentioned it is on the back burner for now as she is working on her Ladies Bible studies. But I too, am eager to read it. Thank you for stopping by and supporting her work.


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