Saturday, April 5, 2014

One With Christ by Hudson Taylor

Front CoverI found this book at our library book sale in the last couple weeks and picked it up mostly because I have great admiration for Hudson Taylor and have read other books by him in the past.
This was a very interesting description of the Song of Solomon as it relates to the church as Bride and Christ as Bridegroom.  It's personal!
Here's some insight based on a few of the chapters:

  •  No Better Song
  • The Unsatisfied Life and Its Remedy
  • Communion Broken and Restored
  • The Joy of Unbroken Communion
  • Restored Once More
  • Fruits of Recognized Union
  • Final Oneness
In these chapters Hudson describes salvation, joy in being in communion, then how our communion is broken through fellowship with the world, and also an overconfidence in our spirituality, and how each time it is restored as we surrender once again ourselves to Christ.
This is the best comparison I have ever read of the Song of Solomon, and I will never read it again in the same light as before.

About the Author:
Hudson Taylor responded to God's call to be a missionary by going to China in 1853. As a pioneer missionary, he conformed as much as possible to the Chinese culture. He spent time translating the New Testament into the Ningbo dialect. He founded the China Inland Mission in 1865. His wife and two of their children died of cholera while in China. One hundred twenty-five thousand Chinese Christians were brought to the Lord during his lifetime.

What about you?
Song of Solomon for me was a book I rarely read, mostly because it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense - until reading this. Have you ever experienced something similar?
Is there a missionary you have read that you admire? Who and what for?

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