Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pit of Ambition by Ta'Mara Hanscom - A Review

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Today's book - PIT OF AMBITION - Book 2 of the Casselli Series

Rosa begged Guiseppi to reveal their prayers to Angel.  But Guiseppi was stubborn…and the thing with Alex went too far.  Guiseppi buried Noah’s identity deep within himself and demanded that Rosa do the same. Now Guiseppi is tempted to tell Angel the secret that is crushing his heart—but Noah will find out first! 

My Thoughts:
This book is about regrets, pride, ambition, choices and how they affect those around us. Guiseppi, Tillie's father is filled with regret when he sees how his daughter is being treated. Yet, now it is a little too late to do much about it and his faith in God is tested. How can God take this and work it out for good?  He did what he thought was best, but he may have thwarted God's plan. Can he forgive himself? Can Tillie forgive him when she finds out? This book picks up right where the first one leaves off. And if you read the first, you may as well know, there is no way you will pass this one up! As the story continues, so does the mystery and adventure as Tillie's brother Marquette and his wife continue the hunt for their number one enemy - the Ponerellos. Unbeknownst to them how close they really are. 

Available at Reata Publishing
Available on Kindle for just $2.99 
and through Barnes & Noble NOOK Book 

About the Author:
Ta`Mara is a much sought-after speaker. She teaches deep lessons from Scripture, and shares her life experiences through the eyes of blessing and thankfulness. As well, she teaches ladies’ Sunday school at her home church. You may follow her lessons by going to her blog http://tamarahanscom.wordpress.com/. Ta`Mara does not charge a fee for speaking. To schedule an event, contact TaMara.Hanscom@yahoo.com.

I hope you will come back each day to read more about this awesome series, along with Saturday as I will be hosting an interview with Ta'Mara and she will be providing two copies of her series (5 books in each) to two winners! 

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