Saturday, April 19, 2014

Words of Conviction by Linda J. White - Review

I received this book from the Author in exchange for a review.

The clues are hidden in the kidnapper’s words. Can the message be decoded in time?

First, Special Agent Mackenzie Graham arrests Senator Bruce Grable.
Then she becomes his very best hope for getting his kidnapped daughter Zoe back alive.

Kenzie is a forensic psycho-linguist  She studies words. Can the language the kidnapper uses provide clues to his identity?

Teaming up with Special Agent John Crowfeather, a Navajo, Kenzie is about to find out.  Working alongside fellow FBI agent John Crowfeather, Kenzie refuses to acknowledge her mysterious attraction to John, and continues to build walls she believes will protect her not only from men but God as well.

John is no fan of hers, either, but they have little time to dwell on it as the case grows more dangerous.
When the perpetrator begins posting messages on the Internet, the race is on to save Zoe. Can Kenzie and John rescue the girl before it’s too late? Or will their misguided convictions cost a little girl her life? 

Just released this April - This book is available on Amazon, and other online retailers as well as your local bookstores.

About the Author:
Linda is a wonderful author. I have enjoyed copies of each of her books, and they are definitely worth taking the time to read.

Linda & Keira 1Linda J. White is the author of FBI thrillers, including Seeds of Evidence (Review Here) and Bloody Point (Review Here), both of which feature tactics and research made possibly by her husband’s 25 years of service to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. The mother of three adult children, Linda also serves as the assistant editorial page editor of a daily newspaper in Somerville, Virginia, where she and Larry make their home.

Learn more about Linda on her website

I was blessed to be an influencer in the release of this book and was provided with a copy in exchange for a review. 
I want to thank Starr for guest reviewing on my blog this week.
This is what she had to say about Words of Conviction:

This is a  great Christian thriller.   A senator's daughter is kidnapped  because of the senator's past sins.    One of the agents believes that prayer will help the people involved in the case.  Do his prayers make a difference?  Will the way the FBI is taking a different approach by using a forensic psycho-linguist help?   Well, you will have to read the book to find out all of that , and what a forensic psycho-linguist actually does.

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