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The Truth - Salvatore's Revenge by Ta'Mara Hanscom

Welcome back to the final days of the Caselli Series Blog-a-Thon.
Today, I am featuring the fifth book in the series by Ta`Mara Hanscom.
This was the first book I read when I first heard about Ta`Mara. (Read my Review)
I am not sure why I started on number five. Usually, I do not like to begin a series in the middle. But something about this book grabbed my attention and I decided to give it a try. I truly believe it was the Lord. You can pick up this book and read it alone, and get the gist of what happened over the years, and enjoy the book. But honestly, it will only give you a taste and a craving to read the whole series! Voice of experience speaking. Although, for me, it did make reading the rest of the books easier, because I knew how it all would end! Sly Grin

In this book the mystery of the Ponerellos, Marquette and Tara Caselli's nemesis, finally comes to a conclusion. It is full of suspense and surprises! By the time you get here, you feel like you know the whole family, if you do not already feel like part of the family.
Not only does the mystery get solved, but the story of Noah and Tillie comes around full circle. Secrets that have been hidden away for years are revealed. Hard feelings resolved, forgiveness granted, and once again the gospel presented in a very clear way.
Maybe it was the newspaper article (or the appearance of), but honestly, the first time I read this book, I was online looking for the Caselli and Ponerello families. I figured this had to be based on a true story! I guess Ta`Mara just has a wonderful imagination, and she gets all the credit!
This book is Available from Kindle only $2.99, also through Barnes & Noble NookBook
or directly from Reata Publishing

Beware! After reading about all the beautiful places in South Dakota in these books, you may just be wanting to take a vacation there!

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As far as I know Ta`Mara has a book six coming out sometime in the future! I can't wait to see how she is going to continue the Caselli legacy. She is currently giving a Ladies Bible Study at her church about Rebuilding the Temple. You can find it on her blog at

About the Author:
Monday, February 11, 2013Born and raised in South Dakota, Ta`Mara loves to write about the Great Plains and the beauty and people of Italia. While her husband and children manage their two pizza ristoranti, Ta`Mara works full time on The Caselli Family Series, and ministers to women. It is Ta`Mara's prayer that as the readers explore the truths in these volumes, they will come away with a new perspective on love, forgiveness, obedience, and God's plan for marriage.

We have one final day coming up tomorrow in our week long Blog-A-Thon. Ta`Mara will be joining us for an interview and an amazing giveaway in which she will be awarding two readers a set of her books!
That is TWO sets (5 books in each) to TWO separate WINNERS! You will not want to miss it!
See you then!

I love to hear from my readers. What have your thoughts been so far on this series? What part peaks your curiosity? 
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