Monday, June 16, 2014

Blind Trust by Sandra Orchard - Review

The following post contains a small amount of advertisement. The book was the only compensation given in exchange for my review. 

If you love a good mystery - You'll enjoy this book!
Blind Trust (Port Aster Secrets V2) [Paperback]

Kate Adams had no idea she was carrying counterfeit money, and she can't believe that it came from her sweet neighbor. Or that it lands her in the middle of another one of Detective Tom Parker's investigations. Determined to prove her neighbor's innocence, Kate stumbles into a pit of intrigue that is far deeper than a two-bit counterfeit operation--and strikes too close to home for comfort. As family secrets come to light, her world--and her budding romance with Tom--begin to crumble. To Kate, it's clear that she won't be safe until she uncovers all of Port Aster's secrets. But is it too late for her and Tom?

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About the Author:
Sandra OrchardSandra Orchard is an award-winning author of inspirational romantic suspense whose novels include Deadly Devotion as well as Deep Cover, which won the Canadian Christian Writing Award for romance in June 2012 and was recognized as one of the top five novels of the year by Family Fiction magazine. Sandra has also received a Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense. She is an active member in American Christian Fiction Writers, The Word Guild, Romance Writers of America, and a local writing group. She lives in Ontario, Canada. Learn more at

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased opinion. I am not required to give a positive review.

My Thoughts:
I fell in love with Sandra Orchard's Port Aster Secrets Series beginning in Book One - Deadly Devotion
Kate Adams is always getting herself in a fix. She can't seem to stay out of trouble even when she is  just by being helpful and kind. She is just my kind of gal!
In this second book of the series, Kate entangles herself in a counterfeiting mystery. But the counterfeit money her elderly neighbor seems to be swindling people with is not the only mystery Kate will encounter.  As she is stalked, followed, robbed, and threatened, Kate leans on one man - Detective Tom Parker.  When she is just about sure, their attraction is mutual and she can trust him, he seems to be backing off and the relationship is getting cold. As she struggles to figure it out, the mystery takes a deeper turn and the unexpected happens.

Sandra has a way of keeping you on the edge through her entire novel. When you just about feel like you have it figured out, a quick twist and you are wondering again. The second novel in the series definitely ties into the first quite a bit so I would highly recommend reading them in order. But if you can't, I think you will be able to take something from this book, as well as end up wanting to read the first one. There is just enough information from it in this book to peak your curiosity. 

I like Sandra's style of Christian fiction. The characters incorporate God into their daily routine, but it's not overwhelming either. Of course, Sandra also seems to leave her books ending with a cliffhanger and when you finish, one mystery is solved but another continues into the next book. So I am eagerly awaiting the release of Book 3.


  1. Okay Amy, I probably should have read this one! But I just don't like scary stuff - and it does look scary - so I passed on it. So glad you're enjoying this series, though!

    1. It's not really too scary, just keeps you guessing, really. I am not into very scary stuff either. There are books I can't read because I don't do scary.... They give me nightmares - This one did not! :-)


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